Vastu Course in UP, Fundamental Advanced Vastu Course

Vastu Course in UP Hey Guys we have the contact number of people who wants Fundamental Advanced in Vastu Course. You can get free lecturer/Books on vastu video or either get a degree, diploma master in Vastu from reputed university and college which involves in Engineerin, Making the home. Mostlly engineers in India construct people gome on vastu based. So if you recentely passed in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering exam than this meaningfull article with image will give short analysis on Vastu importance for Indian Family.

Vastu Course Admission in UP: Some Important location where students generally go for jobs, VASTU and wants to buy home is Noida, Lucknow, Allahabad, Ghaziabad, Kanpur etc. In Allahabad which is now Prayagraj is organizing seminar based free vastu course.

Vastu Course Registration: Advanced Industrial Vastu Offers 1st Time in the Holy city of Prayagraj. You should not mis the chance.

Enhance Positive with Fundamental Vastu Course.

Diwali: Vastu Utsav, Shubh Labh in Diwali Wishes for Advanced Industrial Vastu & Earth Vastu.

Some Important Vastu Syllabus, Question asked in Exam or applied in Home

1. What is Earth Vastu
2. How to Examine a Given building plan.

3. Leam to identify various entrances in a given building/Campus AND methods to block negative entries.
4. How to identify child room, master bedroom, washing location, toilet, bathroom, drawing room, pooja room and childstudy room.
5. how to avoid depression, addiction, health issue, aggression in child behaviour.
6. learn the theory of elements.
7. Dos and Donts of Entrior Designing.
8. How Earth Vastu energy of a building is responsible of right karma.
9. Study in 8 earth vastu zones and 8 earth vastu junctions and their characteristics features.
Vastu Course in UP, Fundamental Advanced Vastu Course


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