Prayagraj Latest News 2018 Info, High court, University

Prayagraj Latest News 2018 Uttar Pradesh Famous district Allahabad Name is become History like Akbar. Now Prayag Name will be every people mouth. However Allahabad High Court, Allahabad University name will be not changed because of its National, International Status, Popularity in Oxford University etc.

On 13 October Meeting organized by Kombi Margadarshak Mandal has proposed the Name of Prayagraj and frequently up govt approved and passed several bill related to Changing of Allahabad into Prayagraj. On 16th October Yogi Cabinet approved the Government order to pass prayagraj Name.

Allahabad Name in Akbar Time: In 1574 Mughal Emperor Akhbar has changed the name Prayagraj. In many books which gives history about Prayagraj name included in Ramayan Time. In the ruling of Jalal Uddin Mohammad Akbar who renamed the Prayag to Allah + Baad. However People in some time public call it as Allahabad. Many Historians says Akbar has given name Allahbas which means the place where Allah Live.
Prayagraj Latest News 2018 Info, High court, University

On 15 October Prayagraj Name Formed.
CM Adityanath Yogi passed the budget to make various stamp of Prayagraj District.