Each One Teach One Yojana for BTC, D.El.Ed Students, 3 Semester

Each One Teach One Yojana Check Latest News for BTC Each One Teach One Yojana in UP, D.El.Ed Each One Teach One Scheme Registration of Students, up to 3 Semester student have to teach each one scheme.

Each One Teach One Yojana is implemented in all district of Uttar Pradesh where BTC, D.EL.ED course run. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research Training) has already send directive to follow Each One Teach One Yojana. For More details candidates may contact to EOTO Scheme in UP DIET College (Directorate Institute of Education Training).

Objective of Each One Teach Scheme in UP: First of all Candidates must pursuing BTC or New Deled course in any degree college or Institutes. And Second thing is BTC Students have to teach Illiterate Children who unable to study due to family problem and they start working as Mazdoor.
BTC applicant will change Illiterate Children into Literate Person.

Each One Teach One Scheme Registration: In Current session of BTC 2017, D.EL.ED 2018 Yojana running in all DIET College. Candidates have to register themselves in DIET office.
Each One Teach One Yojana for BTC, D.El.Ed Students, 3 Semester

DIET Each One Teach One Yojana: You dont need to expense material for teaching to students or children who are selected because DIET Office provides you study material such as Books, Pen Pencil, Slate and Chalks.

BTC Each One Teach Yojana: DIET Lecturer said first semester students will make Each One Teach Scheme more successful and up to 3rd semester. Good thing is BTC applicant who pass in each one teach one scheme they get 5% marks in internal examination.

Deled Each One teach one Yojana: After 3rd semester BTC applicant with student who are they teaching under Teach one scheme will give interview cum skill test in front of panel and committee.

Each One Teach One Yojana certificate: Certificate also given to Deled candidates who pass in EOTO.

Ministry of Human Resources Department also award best students list on each one teach Yojana.