Patanjali Dairy Product Cow Milk, Dahi Paneer & Jobs

Patanjali Dairy Product Cow Milk after Taking good reputation from Patanjali Ayurveda and FMCG products. No Patanjali has launched Patanjali Dairy Products to popular its Cow Milk, Doodh Dahi Paneer. Yoga guru baba ramdev recently showcase its Patanjali Cow Milk in Press meeting where public audience also there. Baba Ramdev Patanjali 60% Products based on Cow Milk which is very notorious than other Animal such Buffalo, Goat, Camel etc.

Patanjali Cow Milk Price is 2 Rupees less than Amul, Mother Dairy, Ananda Brand (Patanjali Doodh ka dam Rs 40 per Liter). 

Patanjali Dairy Scheme 2018-19

Patanjali Said we are giving dealership to interested dealer on setting up shop of Patanjali Milk Products. On current period we ARE WORKING TO ADD more litre milks after 4 Lakh Litre.

Patanjali Kisan: - 1 Lakh Kisan (Farmers) will be connected to Patanjali Milk Products and Patanjali will give facility to buy Milk from their home. We can also say Patanjali will create maximum 1 Lakh jobs in dairy products.

Patanjali Dairy Budget: - Patanjali said we are investing 500 Crore rupees in Patanjali Milk products in 2018. Later on 1,000 Crore more budget passed from our investor after getting reasonable profit.

Patanjali Textile Products:- Patanjali in Diwali will bring 3,000 types of Mens, Women’s clothes in diwali festival.

Patanjali Frozen Vegetables: - Patanjali also plans to take entry in Sweet Corn, Frozen Potatoes.
Patanjali Dairy Product Cow Milk, Dahi Paneer & Jobs