Selfie for Green UP, Gets Prize to Promote Planting, Independence Day

Selfie for Green UP:- UP Government has launched an Green UP Scheme which names to Selfie with Green UP Yojana. Under the Leadership of Chief Minister Aditya Nath yogi who started Selfie4greenup started before 15 August Independence Day of India. To make environment fresh with fresh bottle of oxygen government wants all citizen of Uttar Pradesh to take part in CM Green UP Scheme.

Green Selfie to promote Planting Trees :- Total 9 Crore Plants of different variety and Identity to practice social welfare scheme on planting tree. Government asked to pledge all students for making environment of India free with pollution and Polythin. Due to increase population and use of motor vehicle the jobs carbon mono oxide hired after cutting trees that without come to our body without permission and dissolve in our respiratory system and leads to harmful diseases Lungs, cancer.

Selfie Challenge to Green Villages:- Rather than investing Money Township, Housing, we can follow the principal of buying that home who have lots of changes to implement Trees, Forest, and Park etc.

Theme:- Chalo Pradushan Sey Azaadi Ki Oor.

Selfie for Green UP, Gets Prize to Promote Planting, Selfie Challenge

Total Number of Selected Candidates:- 10 Applicants chose from each district of Uttar Pradesh out of which 50 Participant issued award given by Chief Minister Yogi.

Name of the Posts:- Selfie with Green UP Scheme (Click selfie with a tree this Independence Day)

When to Take Selfie of Independence Day:- You should take selfie on 15 August with Plant and mention the street address or home where you plants.

Eligibility Credit:- students and Rural Areas People will be motivated to take part in selfie with plants.

Types of Plant to take selfie:- Banyan Tree, Peepal Ka Ped, Mango Tree, Neem Tree (Selfie with Befits).

Prize:- Cash Prize, Scholarship, Certificate by Chief Minister Aditya Nath Yogi.


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