Railway Health ATM Machine Scheme, Robot Body Massage, Checkup

Railway Health ATM Machine Scheme Indian Railway is now going to increase revenue from it Health Department ATM Machine. Railway said in press meeting to install all ATM For Health Care in crowded Railway Station of India mostly Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida, Gujarat, lucknow, Bengalore etc will be parts of Health ATM Machine of Railway. Railway has made this department to improve maximum rent of its platform which is in loss or to expand more projects through revenue betted from Railway Yolo Health Machine.

Railway Health ATM Machine List Under project of Health ATM Machine Railway wants to make Rs 1200 Crore money per year that will also generate employment to new youth, doctor, nurse or consultant present in Railway Health Machine. Railway said will make Micro Smart Stay Lounge for premium customer who books Mostly AC, 2nd Class ticket, however the Health ATM Machine is also open to public but they have to pay charge on it.

Railway Health Check up Machine: - According to Retiring Room Facility Railway Smart Stay Lounge get all types of things like Robot Body Massage, Checkup
Under New Innovative Non Fair Revenue Scheme all Train yatri are eligible to take benefit.

Railway Health Scheme:- Railway for routine checkup has said make Station as Health ATM Platform. This Health ATM machine will check all types of body maintenance, availability of water in Body, Body Temperature, Level of Oxygen in Body, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, FAT, Height, Weight check up within 10 Minutes.
Railway Health ATM Machine Scheme, Robot Body Massage, Checkup

Railway also target to make more advance facility such as Foot Massage, Massage Chair, Body Massage Index Machine in Railway

After Long Journey you can relax with Railway Health Center.
1. Health ATM will be a single integrated machine designed to diagnose all the chronic disease diagnosis to all the basic medical problems.
2. It will do the same work for a Hospital as an ATM machine do for a Bank.


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