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CCC Previous Year:- It is not easy to handle CCC Online Question in Hindi for English Medium Students and to Solve CCC Question in English for Hindi Side People. If you are going to attend first time in CCC Exam 2018 than without scare try your luck, may be you get passed. During this publication of article 2 August 2018 I filled CCC Form in the year 2014-15 but i don’t give due to fear and not get proper guidance. To get Government jobs in Govt CCC certificate is must in some state.

CCC Previous Year Question Papers:- I again apply for CCC on March and attended exam centers nearly 5 kilometer far from my home. The written exam was so simple as to solve general knowledge of daily newspaper people reading. I may be lucky but i also prepare for government jobs with computer question, read books on computer related to children NCERT Books. Below are the points you should apply in your daily life trick on how to pass CCC Exam.

CCC Syllabus 2018 Exam Pattern Question Paper Nielit Doeacc  Click here to download

1. Solve Previous Year question of CCC Papers
2. CCC Books is available in any stationary book stall.
3. CCC question is not so hard because it is a basic level computer course.
4. Daily Read Newspaper and General Knowledge. GK Question, General Knowledge also asked in papers of CCC Exam 2018-19.
5. Your should know the Short Key Meaning, (What is the shortcut of Copy paste, Shortcut to launch window, Shut down computer etc).

Top 20 CCC Question in Exam

 1 A client program used to access the Internet services and resources available through the World Wide Web.
(A)ISP (B)Web Browsers(C) Web Servers (D)None of the above

DOEACC CCC Question Paper Answer Key in Hindi Pdf NIELIT Click here to download

 2"When a computer prints a report, this output is called_____."
hard copy soft copy COM None of the above

 3"=ROUND(2.15,1) entered in a cell displays"
(A)2 (B)2.1 (C)2.2 (D)None of the above

 4"=MOD(-3,2) entered in a cell displays"
(A) -1 (B)1(C) -1.5(D) 0

 5"To change the size of the chart without changing its proportion, then you have to press _____ as you drag a corner handle"
(B) [Shift] (B) [Alt] (C)[Ctrl] (D) [F11]

 6The default page orientation in Excel is
(A)Landscape (B)Horizontal(C) Portrait(D) None of the above

 7"In Excel, if you click on the Gridlines and Draft Quality check box on the sheet tab property sheet of page setup dialog box then"
(A)gridlines will be print
(B)gridlines will not be printed
(C)sometimes print
(D) None of the above

 8 To create a new blank presentation you could _____.
(A)click on the new button
(B)use the File New command
(C)Both of the above
(D)None of the above
Softech CCC Online Computer Test 2018 MS Word Internet & Power Point Click here to download

 9In which menu Change Case command appears
(A) Insert (B)Slide show (C)Format (D)Edit
10How do you make an inserted sound file play continuously over several slides? (A)"In the Custom Animation task pane, open Effects Options and set the sound to play for the desired number of slides"
(B)"Using the Record Sound feature, press the Record button and play your music as you click through the whole slide show"
(C)"Using the Play CD Audio Track feature, set the CD to play for the desired number of tracks"
(D)All of the above
11 The area on a slide that holds text that wills appears the presentation outline is a _____.
(A)Textbox(B)Placeholder(C)bullet point(D)title box
12 The purpose ofAutoFormat command in Excel is to
(A)create a professional and consistent look for your data
(B)"choose between standard table formats that include borders, shading, font colors and other formatting options"
(C)easily apply a consistent format throughout a workbook
(D)All of the above.

CCC Question Paper 2018 with Answer pdf Online Test for Computer  Click here to download

13 Which of the following statements about search engines and directories is true?

(A)A search engine does not discriminate between good and bad sites.
(B)A search engine displays all Web pages that contain your keywords and may list thousands of unordered results.
(C)A directory is someone’s attempt to categorize the best sites available for a given subject or topic.
(D)All of the above
14 Which one of the following can be entered as a numbering a cell? (A)"1,300.00"(B) (5000.00) (C)1.1e+2 (D)All of the above
15 Which of the following a search engine continuously sends out that start on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise?
(A)spiders (B)packets (C)cookies (D)none of the above
16 "What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend?" (A)Instant Messaging(B) E-Mail (C)Usenet (D)Blog
17 The Internet uses
(A)Circuit switching (B)Packet switching
(C) Hybrid switching (D)none of the above
18 The ascending order of a data hierarchy is :
(A)Bit-byte-record-field-file-database(B) Byte-bit-field-record-file-database(A) (D)Byte-bit-record-file-field-database(C) Bit-byte-field-record-file-database
19 Software instructions intended to satisfy users specific processing needs are called _____
(A)System software(B)Microcomputer (C)Documentation (D)Application software
20 "In computer terminology, information means"
(C)data in more useful or intelligible form
(D)alphanumeric data program


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