No Confidence Motion Meaning is How to Win General Election 2019

No Confidence Motion Meaning in Hindi: - Trust Vote Vs No Trust Vote. Trust motion is presented by the prime minister of the Day expressing confidence on the floor of the house on the union council of ministers. If he wins the trust motion the PM will continue in office. No trust motion is motion wherein a member from the opposition party or any member expresses no confidence in the government.

Meaning of No Confidence in English: - In this Motion is carried by majority of vote the government falls and it may lead to the installation of alternative government or fresh election of the lok sabha.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on 18th July accepted the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition parties against the NDA government. Now, the debate will take place in the Parliament Monsoon Session 2018.
No Confidence Motion Meaning is How to Win General Election 2019

No Confidence Motion against NDA Government: - BJP will be facing its first no-confidence motion in the monsoon session. Notice of this motion can be given by any member of the Lok Sabha. The speaker of the house put this before the entire house. If the No confidence passed the majority of those present and voting in the house than the government of the day falls otherwise it survive in the history of India.

No Confidence Motion after India Independence
1. Last No Confidence Motion was moved by Sonia Gandhi in 2003 against Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt who is from BJP.

2. In 1999 had to move a confidence motion to prove hi majority in floor of the house after the AIADMK withdraw Support from the NDA (BJP).

3. THE only no confidence motion which was succeed was Mororaji Desai resigned during the session on 12 July 1979.

No Confidence Motion Latest News 2018:-

BJP No Confidence Motion:- In the Current Lok Sabha Seat BJP with 279 Seats enjoys a Clear Majority onf the Floor of the House with the allies the number may add up to more than 300.

How to Win with Non Confidence Motion in election 2019:- The BJP may use this no confidence motion to project the 2019 election as a MODI Vs REST Five. For the congress party, it is an opportunity to project its leader and new President, Rahul Gandhi.

A. The congress strategy would be pole position Rahul Gandhi against Narendra Modi in the run up to 2019 General Election and it will be interesting to see which way BJD, TRS and AIADMK vote.

B.The BJD so far has maintained the equidistance from the BJP and the congress. The TRS on the other side going to face election for the assembly in 2019 so far it has also maintained the distance from the opposition rank despite not being part of NDA.


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