UP Jansunwai Name List 2020 Shikayat Panjikaran Status

UP Jansunwai Name List 2020 UP Jansunwai Samadhaan Status 2020 UP Jan Sunwai Porta; Registration 2020 UP Shikayat Panjikaran Status 2020. UP Jansunwai List 2020 Given Below How to register your complaint in UP Jansunwai Portal or How to check you Jansunwai Status.

UP Govt CM Adityanath Yogi Has Launched the Social Benefit Scheme named UP Jansunwai Portal where Poor People, Socially Effected People, can file Shikayat Panjikaran so called UP Jansunwai Registration. This is very good scheme inaugurated in district of Uttar Pradesh to registry your complaint. Introducing Jansunwai scheme is a major step by UP Government to stop crime, Hatred, Kabja of Bhu Mafia and UP Government already make UP Dial 100 Police to come within 15 minutes.

UP Jansunwai Shikayat Panjikaran:- You can also check Status of your Jansunwai Complaint on portal www.jansunwai.up.nic.in. This study compares the implementation of UP Jansunwai Registration monitoring (CBM) in 45 UP Police centers (UPCs) in the pilot phase status answerable is very good.

UP Jansunwai Status:- Mostly in Uttar Pradesh (90.90%) people attended Jansunwai and opined that it had increased the status of community awareness and the barriers between the people (mostly Dalit) and Government.

Advantage of UP Jansunwai Portal Registration 2020:- The Main Benefit of UP Jansunwai is People can get extra knowledge of Crime, Complaints on Registry on Tehsil Divas.
1. No need to call any people/agent, Just Register Complaint on this Portal.
2. Govt Promises to solve the cases in short period of time.
3. From Your Home, Cybercafé or From Mobile it is very easy.

How to Apply For UP Jansunwai Online Complaint Register 2018:-

1. Without any help visitor this www.jansunwai.up.nic.in and fill important details on white paper with good words

B.OTP number received.

2. Jansunwai Status:- The user who have register complaint with Mobile Number and Email, you may check your status of merit list. It may show when will your complaint verification will be dome.

Track Complaint Status:- www.jansunwai.up.nic.in

3. Reminder Call:- From Helpline Number of through website you send rereminder status of your complaint to department.
4. Costumer Care:- Govt official may call you to get feedback on complaint you have register.

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