UP Nagar Nikay Election 2017 Chunav Dates

UP Nagar Nikay Election 2017 Latest News, Municipal Chunav Dates, Check Voter List, Candidates Party Wise, UP Nagar Nigam Nikay Election 2017.

UP Nagar Nigam Election 2017 this year adhisuchna comes from 25 October and UP Nikay Chunav Dates is 27th October. UP Nagar Nigam is a Nikay Chunav that is for development, improving health issue and maintaining peace stability. UP Nagar nigam Chunav holds population of above 80,000 and approved from cabinet meeting, In Uttar Pradesh nagar nigam Chunav is very popular in Lucknow, Kanpur, Noida, Allahabad, Agra etc. Below are important up nagar nigam latest news we will update day by day.

UP Nagar Nikay Election 2017: Latest News 23 October is adhisuchna for 1st phase election of nagar nigam Chunav starting from 25 October. Some of political parties (BJP, Congress and Samajwadi parties) have given their name according to popularity and winning percentage as UP Nagar Nigam Chunav Candidates List.

UP Nagar Panchayat Election 2017: Before 1 month period Election commission have declared the calendar of nagar Palika election in up 2017. Andin 1st phase (27th October) namankan of candidates started that ended to start of 2nd 30 OCT, 3rd phase 2 Nov.

UP Nagar Palika Election 2017: From  4th November 1st phase nomination letter will be checked that ends in 2nd 7th November, 3rd phase 10 November. Candidates who wanted to take back third name (name vapsi). date is 1st 7 November, 2nd 10 November, 3rd phase 13 November.

UP Nagar Nigam Voter List 2017: after 16 November completing all stages of namankan, namankan patro ki jaanch, naam vapsi andchunav chinha avantan, public will able to vote their candidates from 22 November.
UP Nagar Nikay Election 2017 Chunav Dates


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