UBI Scheme: Rs 2600 Berojgari Bhatta Per Month

UBI Scheme Online Form to Apply for PM Narendra Modi Rs 2600 Berojgari Bhatta Per Month Universal Basic Income (UBI) Scheme.

UBI Scheme is a dream project of PM Narendra Modi to give suitable amount of money to those Unemployed persons who are jobless. UBI stands for Universal Basic Income Scheme that have launched on trial purpose in western and European countries (Netherland, France, Switzerland and Canada) but many also rejected to take free money such countries are Australia, Germany. if we convert it into Indian rupees of these countries than we found a sum of rupees 50.000 to 70,000 per person getting in these countries (but they are small in population or area).

PM Narendra Modi introduced UBI Scheme in India and IMF (International Monetary Fund) suggested to give rs.2600 to all India per person through method of cutting subsidy in the field of food security and poor sector, which is impossible to any political party. But in my opinion BPL, APL workers spent money below 3,000 on power and Food (wheat, rice, kerosene) through ration card.

Important points:

RS 2600 transferred to every bank account that are jobless.
Main benefits is he or she will get this amount up to getting fully employed.
Universal Banking Scheme in India may come in period of election 2018-19
Age limit to get involve in ubi scheme India is starting from 18 years.


Poverty and vulnerability reduction
Individual could spend as per his/her choice
Better targeting of poor
Improvement in financial inclusion
reduce pressure of finding a basic living

Min Disadvantage of UBI scheme is UBI, which will replace all other welfare schemes. By FICCI survey has further suggested that the UBI amount would have to be revised from time to time.

Spending on wasteful activities
Reduction in labor supply
Gender disparity induced by cash
Stress on the banking system
Fiscal cost given political economy of exit
Political economy

Exposure to market risks (cash vs. food).
UBI Scheme: Rs 2600 Berojgari Bhatta Per Month


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