How to Start a Computer Business: Sell, Repair & Installment

How to Start a Computer Business is a 3 way road to start For Selling, Repairing and Installment of Laptop PC. This is 21st Centaury where nursery class children’s know how to touch computer or How to type on keyboard. Like My child whenever i thumb him in my arm at the time of my work on computer he always tries to type on computer. Computer is a business where nobody can bores for example if you are selling computer in your shop, you may get extra knowledge on handling, you can tell people how to run internet on it and after selling PC costumer also said to install windows on it with software like Player.

Computer Assembly Business: Many Parents bought computer to their children’s when he or she in running classes which is very good because. Computer work in every files for Freelancer, Hardware, Software, Typing, Clerk Jobs in Private, Government Sector etc.One of my friends always fix problem like Hanging of computer, Installing Windows, Transfer Movies to other Disc, Download Song and sell to costumers.

How to Open Your Computer Shop: If you are studying in Graduate Level of Computer Science and don’t have current jobs but you have house on main road, business street or corner than all seems to be money in your pocket. Ask your daddy to buy some Printer, Lamination Machine and Photography Studio. In exam time, Marriage Period definitely you will get contract.

How to Market your Computer business: After opening shops of Computer, you require some Marketing and social media (Face book Twitter and Google Plus) is best for you. I think you have almost 200 to 300 active friends in your list on face book. You only require to just posts a comment of (I have open a shop of computer, if anyone have problem in their computer they can visit me this time address or by phone number).

Note: For good activation you must hire smart freshers at Reasonable payment. Computer business is a field for both employees and unemployed business.