How To Activate Jio Caller Tune: Kaise Set Kare

How To Activate Jio Caller Tune by Android Phone, Kaise Set Kare in JIO Music Store or MY Jio app. How To Activate Jio Tune check below.

How To Activate Jio Caller Tune: If you have latest 4G phone and we know you have also JIO 4G sim card. Then you must have also JIO Caller tune which is absolutely free. For activating new JIO caller tune you must download the JIO music app from Jio application that have recommended apps like JIO TV, JIO Music, JIO Data etc. All you need to have after downloading JIO Music, open it select one of your favorite songs and wait for 1 to 2 min8utes for appearing SET Your Jio Ringtone.

How to make any song as Jio Caller tune for free: After 4G Revolution in India by Reliance JIO, data, call, tariff price reduced heavily which helps India to become 2nd largest consumer of Data in the world but before we got only 2GB PLAN at Rs. 300 to 400 Rupees. At that time Airtel launched 4G Service in Kolkata at a price of 1400 1 GB. So you know that why India not becoming Digital due to heavy data price. Below are the method to send message of caller tunes of Movie, Album and Singer.

Important Points: Follow the method to activate Songs of Jio caller tune.

1. Movie movie Name send it to 56789, ALBUM Name send it to 56789, SINGER Name send it to 56789
2. Download JIO Music App and Listened your favorite song, after some time display of (Set a JIO Tune will be visible) on your favorite song if available.
3. IF YOU are calling some body and they have activated caller tune. Than one voice also coming (Copy this caller tune to activate).
4. For More information visit JIO store.