Chip Level Repairing Course: Ultimate Laptop/Mobile Jobs

Chip Level Repairing Course is an Ultimate Guide to get next level of Laptop/Mobile Jobs. To get admission in CHIP Level Repairing course it doesn’t required any technical degree or diploma but required some 6 to 12 month training for it. This chip level repairing course online not only help to get jobs in HCL, Oracle, HP, Dell or Sony but also helps to start your own chip level computer business. In India, IT sector is one of the trustable jobs which can full fill dream of any person and a candidates who have computer related degree we advice to take internship or crash course of motherboard repairing course just for knowledge purpose (May it will help you in future).

Admission in chip level repairing course: In India there are 4 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad) which are popular to give bunch of professional people in motherboard, chip level and laptop repairing courses.

Motherboard Repairing Course: The motherboard is one of the most important parts of a PC. Mother Board connects every other part to computer. If it does not work, none of other parts other either work.

Laptop Repairing Course: Course of Laptop repairing will gives you knowledge about motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, video adapter and power supply.
To make a computer you have all these parts required. Below are some Basic, Advance Laptop Desktop Chip Level Repairing Course you must read.

Jobs in Chip Level Course: Tech companies like Asus, Apple, Lenovo hires Student in its service center after course. These fresher’s give customer’s Laptop/Desktop for repairing

Course Name: Computer Hardware & Software (Card Level)

How to format and install windows XP, Win 7, Win 8
Driver Installation (offline/Online)
Application Software Installation
Password Breaker for all type of WINDOWS
Windows Backup and Restore
Ms-Office, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Tally
Hard Disk Re-generator
How to do Data Recovery from Hard disk,
Pen drive, Memory Card and other storage
Devices with software.
How to make Bootable pen Drive for multiple operating system.
Antivirus installation
About CMOS setup
Fault Finding (Blue Screen, Continuous beep, Sound Driver,Ram,HDD,SMPS Suddenly restart and shut down, etc.)
About Safe Mode
Desktop Assembling and Dissembling

Course Name: Laptop & Desktop Chip Level Repairing

What is current
About DC and AC, DC ampere & AC ampere
How to use analog and digital millimeter, diagnostic card for laptop and Desktop?
Basic Electronic