How to Increase Brain Power: 6 Tips to Get CEO Like Jobs

How to Increase Brain Power By Naturally is the perfect way to maximize your memory without taking any Pills (Medicine).

This is essay cum story how to increase brain power and memory for giving upcoming exams, calculating money, remembering password etc. All these things if you not password than you are a genius. In today’s computer time most of our work is done by machine which aims to work big in less time. Due to this everything is becoming possible but a survey given by an agency human brain is becoming day by day less effective as compare to last 50 years. To get success in modern world human brain should be active and for increasing it there are following ways to increase you brain power and memory.

1) Play Games Like Chess, Sudoku and Puzzles: Some brain games like Sudoku and Puzzles many people don’t like because it have number and words needs to be set horizontal and vertical method. In Sudoku games Japanese are in top list and we also know why they are top. Due to their punctuality in daily routine, as on average if anybody late more than 2 to 5 minutes it is very insult for them. But if you play these games than one disease called Alzheimer will not affect your body.

2) Read Book, Think Positive and Train Your Memory: Daily read newspaper with short story, read editorials is solve newspaper crosswords which can train your memory. Whenever you read books and then teaching you something new to strengthen the brain and developing new skills

3) Meditation, Yoga and Physical : Make mental and Physical exercise such a Yoga in daily routine to break a sweat. With the help of Exercise it increases the oxygen in your brain and reduces disorders which decrease memory loss, such as diabetes and Health disease. Aerobic exercise is particularly good to increase brain power and concentration that keep your blood pumping.

4) Get Up early in The Morning: Get up 4.00 am before sun rises and takes meditation and before you start your work in the morning you will feel big difference. After all days work Get enough sleep is another method to relax brain, regenerating new cells,

Note: Get to bed between the hours of 9pm

5) Meet New People and Talk With Them: When everything goes wrongs, you are in difficulty than your best is every time with you. Go with new friends to long drive.

6) Eat Green Vegetables and Drink Green Tea: In common way everything is good for your heart is great for your brain. Our brains take to our body 20% of all nutrients & oxygen that we consumed. In Indian Ayurveda say that drinking 3 cups of green tea each day can lower the stress of exams and job interview. It can also boos your brain power capacity to 100.


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