CGHS Book Online Appointment: From Home Registration

CGHS Book Online Appointment For Beneficiaries who want From Home Registration, They Can generate OTP Number at

CGHS Book Online Appointment is a good relief for applicant who doesn’t want to make line in form of Government hospital. On 11 September Central government has approved a plan to make doctor appointment online in CGHS dispensary. In new Rules and regulation applicant needs to register online, if you come late than your number come after line.

In Allahabad More than 1 Lakh central government applicant will benefited from this rules. The above procedure can also be followed in all other cities

How to Apply: From Official website you can register.

Stage 1: On Above website you can see Appointment.
Stage 2: In that tab write your ID number and generate OTP password.
Stage 3: Your will get one message regarding your date of appointment on your mobile number.
Stage4: The holder of the CGHS Plastic card is personally responsible for its safe.
CGHS Book Online Appointment, From Home Registration