Reliance Jio Free Wifi Scheme 2018 in 38,000 College

Reliance Jio Free Wifi Scheme 2018 To 3 Crore Students Studying in 38,000 College Reliance Jio Free Wifi Scheme.

Reliance Jio Free Wifi Scheme 2018 Latest News of 1st August is Reliance Jio in Statement said For Free Wifi in 38,000 Colleges of Studying for study purpose. JIO Company has given plan to Ministry of Human Resource Department for approval purpose. However Ministry have not taken or given any statement of Reliance JIO Free Wifi offer. But if CEO Shri Mukesh Ambani said that it will be definitely will be become true dreams for all those students who always recharged.

Reliance Jio Free Wifi Registration 2017: Latest News 1st August 2017 Reliance JIO will offer Free Wifi though their Modem, Optical Fiber Cable and Broad Band lines. Some security fees will be given to company, like JIO 4g Rs.1500 Smartphone for years.

Reliance Jio Free Wifi Plans: Going to Plans on Free Wifi Scheme in 38,000 colleges than we all know that. JIO plan is cheaper than other Network Companies. And the point should be noted that Indian is now at 1st (In 2016 155th Ranking) place for using Internet after JO came.

How to Get Reliance Jio Free Wifi Offer: If you have eaten Burger, Pizza in McDonald, Pizza hut than they offer you 20 Minutes of free wifi which is valid up to 24 hours.

Note: On the same process to access the Jio Free Wifi network, a consumer has to enter a One Time Password (OTP).