Bs4 Engine Bikes 2017 Automatic Head Light Always On Difference Bs3

Bs4 Engine Bikes 2017 of Honda Bajaj Hero and TVS Motorcycles Automatic Head Light Always On from 1 April below are Bs3 & Bs4 Engine Bikes Difference 2017.

Bs4 Engine Bikes 2017 is called Environment friendly which releases Low Carbon in Air. Bs4 Engine full form is Bharat stage emission standards difference between Bs3 Engine bikes compare to Bs4 Fuel Engine Bikes 2017 is based on emission standards given by Government of India. You may hear about Euro 1 2 3 in Europe and Tier 1, Tier 2, used in USA.

Bs3 Engine Bikes: According to supreme court guideline all Euro 3 bikes (Bs3) stop selling from 1 April and new bs4 bikes is mandatory to sell from 1st April which have AHO Featured head lamps now those people who wants to buy bs3 bykes they have golden opportunity from Honda, Hero Moto Corp, TVS, Bajal on a discount price of Rupees 20,000. Check Below 31st March News on Bs3 Bikes.

Bs4 Engine Bikes Automatic Light Always On: I have Honda CB Unicorn Bikes at the costs Rs 88,000 in February 2017 which have Bs4 Engine and its Head Light always on because there is no switch on off button. When i ask one of bike engineer he also tells that all news bikes will comes with Bs4 engine and head light on. In February period when ride my bike many people comment (by blinking their head light on day morning period) me by saying your headlight is on. I am very tired about saying this is new function decrease accident rates in India.

Latest News on Bikes which are in Bs4 Engines & AHO automobile safety you should buy: Hero I smart, Baja Pulsar, Honda Shine, Hero achiever, TVS Apache and good news is also that KTM India has already introduced its updated series of Duke and RC bikes.

Difference Between Bs3 and Bs4 Engines Bikes: According to a latest report released on Environment and Road safety that In India two-wheelers single category vehicles have met with the highest number of fatal road crashes and accidents in 2014 and number of people double or increases in 2015. If India can avoid all these accidents that met daily then it will help to boost its economy up to 0.5 % GDP.

Bs3 Engine (Euro-III): It Produce harmful gases. In Bs2 and Bs3 Bikes Catalytic convertor is present which reduce the formation of HC and CO. But in Bs3 Engine no emission of harmful CO Carbon Mono Oxide and HC.BS3 has rotary type injection system. Intercooler is optional.

BS4 Engine Euro-IV standards for European Countries: BS4 engines emit less Carbon dioxide, It has turbocharger with intercooler. rail injection system Controlled by electronic control unit.

Last Date: The government has set a last date of March 31, 2017 for new two-wheelers bikes to be BSIV.


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