Sick Leave Application Format pdf: School Teacher Employee

Sick Leave Application Format pdf for one day School Teacher Employee purpose fever signs by parent’s sick leave application for school teacher.

Sick Leave Application Format: id for these students or employee who want one day leave to relax in home by writing application for sick leave for college, school or office which is very easy and not hard to write. Mainly if you are writing leave application form for school than on the heading it should be written Application for One day sick leave for fever.

Below I am giving you how to write Fever Sick Leave Application to principal or employee of bank teacher or railway.

The Principal/Sir/Manager
Write School/institute place/HSBC Bank
Name of the Location where the school or institute is with District/town/block or cities
Write Main Sates like Newyork, America or Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Respected Sir, (use Ma’am if the Principal is female)

I beg to say that that I am suffering from fever since last night________________ (headache/cold fever/jaundice/stomach ache write about whatever problem you are suffering from) since ___________ (mention the date time, such as- last night or two days etc). So, I am unable to attend the school/college today (mention the date also)/ from (Date: 14.11.2016).

Kindly grant me the leave for ________ One day or two. I shall be obliged to you.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
_____________ (your full name),

______________ (write down class with section which are in).

Download PDF employee sick leave policies and procedures and application for sick leave for one day For one year sick_leave.pdf