Rs 500 1000 Banned Notes in India News 2000: How to Exchange

Rs 500 1000 Notes in India Bank now RBI News on New 2000 How to Exchange it’s for common people India bans 500 1000 notes with new 2000 Rupees notes

Rs 500 1000 Notes in India now banned all Indian Citizen including Foreign people may eager to know about how to exchange 500 1000 rupees notes in bank and post offices. From 8th November after Narendra Speech on Old Rs 500 1000 Notes midnight it bans in Public. But working in various petrol pump gas agency and government funded Crematoriums, milk booths and cemeteries.

How to change Old 500 1000 Bans Notes in Banks Post office: India now bans 500 notes last date is 30 December to change you old notes. If you want change your note then you must present Aadhar card, pan card, Rashan card, voter id or various document required to show you identity.

How much aggregate value notes can be changed: Rs.4, 000/- only. If you want to change more 500 1000 Old High Denomination Bank Notes or currency than it will be deposited in your bank accounts. Which is also called Tell me limit of exchanging Rs. 500 1000 notes.

How much bank gives you new current notes in cash: Rs 4,000, per person? Only and if maximum it will credited to your bank account.

Last date of exchange notes: 30th December 2016 in bank branches or Issue Offices.

How to identify original New Rupee 500 1000 notes: The issue of Rs. 500 banknotes will available soon. To identify 500 1000 and 2000 specified bank note (SBN) it has series in colour, size, theme, location

We will soon update more details on Rs 500, 1000 Rs Notes Latest News 2017

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