Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Recruitment 2016 Plant News

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Recruitment 2016

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Recruitment 2016 Jobs Plant News KKNP Tamil Nadu Kudankulam Nuclear Power Recruitment 2016 npcil.nic.in Electricity Online Application form applies from Website.

Kudankulam nuclear power plant jobs in Unit 3 and 4 KKNP Recruitment 2016. kudankulam nuclear power plant main advantages is India will not depend on Natural Resources such as Coal, Hydro or Thermal Power plants and the main disadvantages is Nuclear rays effect human body like fukishima Japan leak Nuclear power plant issue. So kudankulam nuclear power plant recruiting various under Nuclear Corporation of India Limited NPCIL Recruitment 2016. Se Below some kudankulam nuclear power project Latest news.

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project First unit of Kudankulam plant is undergoing battery tests by engineers in tests 1000 MWe in Tamil Nadu. Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission R.K. Sinha, told that the KKNPP engineers were busy in performing high pressure and temperature tests. First unit is started up Kudankulam second Nuclear reactor is expected to reach criticality in about six to nine months.

Nuclear reactors will use high quality from Canada and Australia uranium as fuel and light water as both coolant and moderator. Russia our Brother will supply the uranium up to life-time of the reactors. 2,000 MWe to be generated from the reactors at Kudankulam. Kudankulam plant installed capacity is expected to go up to 20,000 MW by the end of the current financial year 2017

Electricity share by States:

Karnataka will receive 442 MWe,
Kerala 266 MWe,
Puducherry 67 MWe and the Other India State share is 300 MWe.

Nuclear Electricity is Like Internet both gives and helps in Economy of Its country.