How to Save From Nuclear Radiation? Nuclear Bomb Attacks

How To Save from Nuclear Radiation to prevent Nuclear Bomb Attacks Latest news updates of protection from nuclear radiation and attacks.

How can we protect ourselves from nuclear radiation and attacks now everybody searching on Wikipedia. Now government are also recruiting a people named as nuclear radiation protection technician jobs. Due to Continuous Conflicts between America and Russia. India and Pakistan. Reason behind is terrorist activities in Syria and Kashmir. Now Pakistan has also given warning to India for Nuclear attack. World’s Biggest Powerful Country from behind the scene America and Russia going to third world war. As per News in Moscow Nuclear Bunker was made total 12 lakh capacity of people can live there from many years.

Nuclear Protected Country List:

Switzerland: 120 percent.
Norway: 81 Percents.
Poland: 30 percents
Germany: 30 percents
Sweden: 71 Percents

Many Worlds Billionaire, CEO has also made their home with nuclear Bunker Basis.

Latest Protection Tips:

1. Use Battery Installed Radio because in nuclear attack all transmission from TV Mobile destroy.
2. Live in the 8 to 10 basement building below house.
3. After Nuclear Attack take you all clothes outs and clean with detergent and soaps and place them in plastic bags.
4. Use Potassium Iodide: It saturates the thyroid with non-radio active iodine Salt because thyroid gland absorbs radioactive iodine
5. Shower with soap and water, scrubbing hard will decrease nuclear radiation.

6. Purchase a Nuclear respirator mask your mouth and nose and hooded rain ponchos
7. Store your food with 10 days Dual survival basis in sealed containers up to relief camp organize