How to Check Fake Job Offer Letter in Govt Private Bank Railway

How to Check Fake Job Offer legitimate Letter in Govt Bank Railway Private Sector jobs in Fake Recruitment 2016 How to check this vacancy is Fake.

How To Check Fake Job Offer this is one of the serious problem that most website and Agent uses fake jobs offer 2016.we all noticed that fake job offer letter recruitment advertisements related to Railway, How to Make Money and Bank, How to get Jobs in Saudi Arabia like Petroleum companies mostly people see which are being posted by unscrupulous agencies and individuals. Now to tackle this type of fake job offer government has recruited various fresher in department administration for investigation.

How to determine or check Fake Job offer:

These Agencies gives you fake Jobs offer through Making Website Online. Developing Domain with Government Added .gov or .nic type links.

Fake job company have also good knowledge of Social Media and have good followers in Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

After making fake job offer website. They post it in social media platform and also on that website in which they giving are giving original job offer. So visitor or Members confuse about fake job offer and they sign of for these jobs on fake format.

Then these agencies contact you through your phone number after joining. And they give direct recruitment in Government sector with good salary.

Fake jobs agency has very big networks: Recruitment Staff + buy houses of to work on Fake Recruitment.

What fake Agency does when you join their Program of Jobs?

Ask for any money from the candidate at any stage of the recruitment process.
A fraudulent email may mention the bank account number.

Fake offer letter format: letters will address job applicants with proper salutations including the last
Name (not with generic greetings)

What to do if you see any Fake recruitment Opened by this website

We advise job seeker not to respond to any fraudulent emails and not to make any payments.
Beware of fake websites and advertisements for recruitment in the Bank, Railway, and Post office.
Complaint to Police Help Line: About website which is posting these types of jobs.
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We will soon update more on Fake University, Fake College, and How Fake House sell by agent and how company fool its costumer for selling products.