How to Build A HTML website Page with SEO for free

How to Build A HTML website Page Development with SEO for free on Blogspot Wordpress become professional designer How to Build A website for free

How to Build A HTML website Page from Blogspot or Blog of Wordpress both work on web application development on HTML and PHP.Web Page Development -HTML.Create a basic web page using Netscape Composer. Google web development programs provides Blogspot to create a web page containing information about you, your family and friends. Visit in link. There you will found a text named as create a blog. Then click on then. Then you will be redirected to sub domain category of Blogspot. Choose your category such if you want to make a blog on Insurance then choose or if you choose to make you own personal blog then add name. Then click on create blog.

After Building A HTML website from Blogspot then next process is web design below are some tips on website development steps

Google web designer tutorial from Blogspot is free to use with many responsive design, Templates and simple theme you can use any time. You have also option to create custom domain buy buying from,, and

Some tips to HTML website SEO for increasing user Engagement.

1. Enter a suitable title for your page. Add some sub-titles for different sections of your text. For example, you could have a subheading for where you live, your family, your interests etc.

2. Format and the text of your website page in different Font, Alignment styles. Move the cursor to a sub-title and set it to Heading2.

3.Try Experiment and research with the different HTML heading text styles like word art to see what each one does .Which of these beautiful styles do you think is looks cool or useful? Which are not useful? but Why?

4. Experimenting with your website font size, colour, style (bold, italic, Arial, underline, etc.) and alignment (left, centre, right or indented.

5. See the HTML of Internet explorer html viewer that is generated by Browser by selecting View Page source.

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6. Add a picture to your web page home. You have scanned in, or one taken with a digital camera up to 100 kb for profile on Google, Facebook twitter. Alternatively, you can use a picture from another web page. Remember that if you put pictures that you did not take on your web page, you must check for copyright, copyscape permission first.

7. Add some different sizes of picture, posts and different locations within your Blog. Also, research or change with different alignment and text wrappings. You will have to save your page and view it in the browser to see exactly what the layout will be.

Your HTML documents should have the following characteristics: -
a) Use of paragraphs.
b) Use of 1 or more levels of section headers.
c) Use of highlighting (bold, italics, etc.)
d) Use of lists.
e) Use of internal links (to other parts of your document) commonly used for a document table of contents.
f) Use of links to graphic images and alternate text, in case the image could not be found or is not loaded (alternatively).

By using the above items one should be able to create his/her own home page.