DOEACC Question Paper 2017 NIELIT Level Practical Assignment

DOEACC Question Paper 2017 O A Level NIELIT Practical Assignment Important Model Papers DOEACC CCC Question Paper 2017 pdf download from website.

DOEACC Question Paper 2017 NIELIT Exam Syllabus January 2015 2016 O Level B level C Level will comes objective and 100 marks total. In which 40 marks is for Objective type in Hindi and rest of NIELIT O A Level Question Paper 2016 comes from Fill in the blanks, True False and Answer any FOUR questions. DOEACC ‘O’, ‘A’ and ‘B’ Level Practical Question Paper 2016 Candidates under the revised syllabi (Revision 4) shall have to qualify the Practical Examination, in addition to qualifying the theory examinations as well as the Project Work.

NIELIT Level Practical Assignment: The students have to devote half of the total time allotted to each module for the practical session. DOEACC Practical assignments have been worked out for each DOEACC theory paper. At ‘A’ Level, there are two NIELIT Practical Examinations. The Practical-1 examination will be based on the NIELIT syllabi A1-R4, A2-R4, A3-R4 and A4-R4 modules and Practical -2 will be based on the syllabi A5-R4, A6-R4, A7-R4, A8-R4, A9-R4 and A10-R4 modules of the NIELIT ‘A’ Level course.

How to Make Project Assignment: A guide for ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ Level should be a person with DOEACC ‘B’ level/MCA/
equivalent/higher qualification and adequate experience (minimum 3 years) in the area in which the student has chosen the Project. Time of Submission of ‘A’ Level Project A Level student can submit the project only after clearing 5 Examination papers of the ‘A’ Level Course. A level: Projects would be approximately 350 man-hours and carries a total of 100 marks (80% for the project evaluation and 20% for the viva-voce).

Submission of Project Report to DOEACC
The student will submit his/her project report in the prescribed format along with requisite fee. The Project Report should include:
One hard copy of the Project Report.
Soft copy of Project on Floppy / CD
The Project Report may be about 50 pages (excluding coding).

DOEACC Computer Level Question Paper 2016 solved sample papers 2012

a. Differentiate between
(I) Control Unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
(ii) Volatile Storage and Non volatile Storage
(iii) System Software and Application Software
(iv) Impact and non impact printer

What are the components of Central Processing Unit? What are their functions?

What are the principal functions of an Operating System? What is a multitasking operating system?
Give the differences between compiler and interpreter?
As working with Linux OS all files and directories have security permissions; what are those and how chmod command helps in operating all those permissions?
What is a template and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using one?
What is mail merge? Explain the steps to mail merge two documents using MSWORD?
What is the role of “Control Panel” in Windows?
What are the main functions of Database Management System (DBMS)? How will you differentiate it from File Management System?
Why is data validation necessary? What are the different types of data validation checks that are kept in a programme?
Define the meaning of Data Structures.
Explain about Animating Text and Objects on the Slides of your Presentation.
What is the difference between relative and absolute references?
What is the purpose of Presentation Software in edutainment? Explain the features provided by Power Point software’s of embedding video and animations.

Doeacc o level question paper January 2015 2016

Fill in the blanks in 4.1 to 4.10 below, by choosing appropriate words and phrases given in the list below:
(a) Read (b) magneto-optical (c) Attachment (d) Thesaurus (e) backup (f) Operating system (g) Microprocessor (h) Netiquette (i) Assembler (j) algorithm

1 A storage device that uses a combination of magnetic and optical (laser) technologies is a _____ storage device.
2 A (n) ________ is the CPU of a computer.
3 A (n) ___________ is a program that converts an assembly language program to a machine language program.
4 The operation that takes data out of a specific memory location is the _________ operation.
5 _____________ is an electronic document such as a Word file that is sent along with an email message
6 ___________is a part of your Word Processor that will give you a list of antonyms or synonyms for chosen words
7 A _________ is a copy of one or more files created as an alternate in case the original data is lost or becomes unusable.
8 _______________ involves respecting others' privacy and not doing anything online that will annoy or frustrate other people.
9 __________is the software that communicates with computer hardware on the most basic level.

10 An __________ is a set of instructions, sometimes called a procedure or a function that is used to perform a certain task on a computer.