DOEACC O Level Syllabus 2019 Hindi NIELIT Revision Question

DOEACC O Level Syllabus 2019 Hindi NIELIT Revision Question Paper DOEACC O Level New Syllabus 2017 Course Sample Papers pdf download Exam Pattern.

DOEACC O Level Syllabus 2019 Important exam pattern which comes in NIELIT January Admit card 2018. DOEACC ‘O’ Level syllabus is designed to facilitate students to produce jobs and review officer, samiksha adhikari recruitment some posts of Junior Programmers, EDP Assistants, Web Designers, lab demonstrators.DOEACC O Level Scheme is under control by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology which is approved by AICTE.

No of DOEACC O Level Practical Examination: One, Duration of Practical Examination: Three-hour duration including viva-voce, Max. Marks : 100 = 80(Practical) + 20(Viva Voce),Objectives of ‘O’ Level Course : Course Benefit: when you apply for DOEACC O Level Admission 2017 then you got the subject and learn about IT Tools and Business Systems, Internet, Information Technology and Web design, Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language, Application of .NET Technology,

Jobs Available for DOEACC ‘O’ level result qualifiers: Junior Programmer, EDP Assistant, Web Designer and Lab Demonstrator. Duration of the Course: Minimum duration of the ‘O’ Level course is One Year. if you back paper in DOEACC O Level then it cross to two years.

DOEACC O Level Cut off marks: Cut off Dates January to July Exam, Proceeding 30th June to 31st December.

Failed (<50) F
50%-54% D
55%-64% C
65%-74% B
75%-84% A
85% and over S

DOEACC O Level Objective Type Question Paper 2019
1.1 Which type of software provides additional functionality to your operating system?
 a) System software
 b) Operating system software
 c) Utility software
 d) Application software
1.2 Which of the following detects the presence or absence of a mark in a
predetermined place?
 a) Pointing stick
 b) Bar code reader
 c) Optical mark reader
 d) Trackball

1.3 To create a capital letter on pc, you must use which special key simultaneously with
the letter key?
a) Enter
b) Esc
c) Tab
d) Shift
1.4 What type of PC software would you need to create an invitation to your birthday party?
a) Spreadsheet
b) Database
c) Word processing
d) Desktop publishing

1.5 In a word processing program, word wrap refers to:
a) Typing that extends beyond the right margin then automatically continues
onto the next line.
b) Finishing a document.
c) Words that is unacceptable.
d) Words with too little space between them.

1.6 A space near the top of the spreadsheet where the formulas or other information in
the active cell can be viewed is called the:
a) address label
b) title bar
c) entry bar

d) active cell


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