Surgical Strike Indian Army Hindi News 2016 Air strike Covert Operation

Surgical Strike Indian Army Hindi News 2016

Surgical Strike Indian Army Hindi News 2016 LOC Air strike covert operations by raw Assassins Creed in Pakistan Surgical Strike Operation Indian Army killing for Kashmir's Uri attacks which is by Terrorist of Pakistan.

Surgical strike meaning in Hindi is military attack which result only damaged to legitimate military target, with minimal collateral damage it surrounding products called vehicle, House, roads. In Surgical strike attacks made by various strike such as airdropping, Assassins Creed or special ops teams, ground operation by sending top commandos.Indias First Surgical Strike Made by India Army in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir which is also called Asia First Surgical Strikes after Myanmar.

Latest news 4 October Covert Operation Meaning;

Covet Operation defining is Undercover agent which means Indian Intelligence Agency provide Training to Commandos based people who get involve in the organization or group without knowing anybody. Covert operation dervied from America and Russia and Today Israel is famous thsese type of operaton .India's Covert Action soon as letest comes for those terrorist who comes from LOC from Pakistan and make any type of illegal work.


1. It also involve mobilising political forces across borders.It was done with near precision in Bangladesh in 1992
2. RAW Is being Forbade to launching covert operations in Pakistan by Americas CIA and British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

3. Covert operations is different from Surgecal strike made by India in Pakistan. Indias Covert operations need not involve for special forces army across international borders.
4. In covert operation agent get friendship to create mayhem and large scale terrorist activities in neighboring countries.

On 29 September 2016 India’s Surgical Strike latest news at POK which is also called Line of Actual Control. Indian army has surgical strike on Pakistan Army Camp for terrorist. Under BJP Government Led by PM Narendra Modi this India first win over surgical strike took place. It’s an answer to Pakistan for killing India soldiers.

The Main Surgical Strike Script made NSA Ajit Doval.

Surgical Strike Main Wepons

Low Effects but extra coverage

In Pakistan Gulam Kashmir

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