Maglev Train in India Top Speed Countries 500 Kmph

Maglev Train in India Top Speed

Maglev Train in India PPT now dreams come true with top speed 500 Kmph country wise Japan Maglev Train China France Germany and South Korea companies are bidding for Maglev Train Trails in India so we will take further step.

Maglev Train in India as per latest news India Railway board has send a PPT proposal to run Maglev Train in India that countries with good quality are Japan France Germany and South Korea. Now need to dream for Bullet train now here is the future came for India. Not to worry about lots of investment in bullet train India because technology beats country GDP and directly affects Economies of Country. As per news Three companies from  United states of America and one from Japan show its interest as per make in India campaign which starts from 6 September 2016 to develop Maglev train floats in Bengalore, Mumbai, Gujarat, Lucknow etc smart city in India.

What is maglev train information: it runs on magnetic power from front to back and top to bottom as per video run above the 6 inches from track. We can also tell magnet train India.

Maglev train project will be started from 2017 period and track will be made up to 15 km from Mumbai to Bengalore and Mumbai-Ahmedabad chosen as per development basis by states.

How much cost in manglev train in India: 1 km up to Rs 150 crore

Top speed target by India Railway manglev train for trial is 500 km or maximum

We will soon update more news on maglev train youtubevideo, model and its jobs recruitment project for engineers in India