Macarthur Foundation Fellowship Award 2016 Two Indian IIT Kanpur Bombay

Macarthur Foundation Fellowship Award 2016

Macarthur Foundation Fellowship Award 2016 news Two Indian IIT Kanpur Bombay Manu Prakash Subash khot Macarthur Fellowship Award 2016 Assistant Professor and Scientist computer engineer in American University.

Macarthur Foundation genius grant Award 2016 now published and given to 23 people for their exceptional work in Science field Macarthur fellows 2016. It’s a very good news that two Indian also got this award first is Manu Prakash who Assistant professor in stand ford University in bio engineering department and second Subhash Khot from Newyork University who is Computer Engineer Scientist. Macarthur fellowship is for those who work like genius and their work is on future basis.

Manu Praksah: is given fellowship to research in Earth and its Life structure to human being.

Subash Khot: is given for computer mathematical problems, tips and trick.

Total Amount Paid: 6 lakh dollar in India Rupees 4.17 crore Rupees will be funded in Five year period.

Third Asian of Sri Lanka Ahilan Arulantham has got Macarthur Foundation Award 2016.

India Name Personally called Abraham Vargiz also got National Humanities medal. And from Singapore Indian People called Keswapani was awarded as Tabla ka Community champion award