India 125 5th Generation Fighter Jet Sukhoi HAL FGFA Rafael Russia

India 125 5th Generation Fighter.

India 125 5th Generation Fighter Jet Sukhoi amca HAL FGFA with Russia as Make India news Rafael Jet India 125 5th generation stealth fighter 2016 Hindi breaking news for more details read our article.

Indian 5th fifth generation fighter aircraft called amca is being jointly developed by Russia for Indian 6th generation fighter aircraft from 2017. After India's surgical strikes and Pakistan China Border Terrorism in India which is also called Invasion policy of South China Sea. India Needs fifth generation fighter need to counter both countries. Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is taken order and being developed by aerospace industry team its design made by Aeronautical Development Agency.

India will Make 125 5th Generation Jet Fighter with Russia. What does India 5th Generation Aircraft contains according to resources India will get fully designed material in 2017. And then after by India Russia fifth generation fighter jet will be making.

It is a single-seat.
Stealth super maneuverable.
Weather multirole fighter aircraft.
Installed with Latest Brahmos Cruise Missiles.
Due to Brahmos next updated of cruise missile it is also called 5.5th generation fighter. As on upcoming new technology basis.

How Much Fighter will be: total 100 fighter jet will be made + plus 25 jetfighter made by Rafael jet company Dassault Rafale European Collaborative Fighter" (ECA) in its official website

Russian military jointly hands with India T-50 (PAK FA) for the fifth generation.

India Will Soon get Rafael Jet Fighter from 2017 and rafael company also said they will give as soon as possible

See Below latest version will get India Jet figher

2 October News 2016

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