UP Solar Pump Scheme 2019 Online Form, 10,000 Solar Sinchai Pump

UP Solar Pump Scheme 2017 Registration Online Form Nabard Water Pumps Yojana Apply for Subsidy Status List News UP Solar Pump Scheme Yojana 2017 pdf is available.

UP Solar Pump Scheme 2019 mnre will be given to 10,000 farmers by subsidy which given by Nabard bank policy. Subsidy on solar power plant in Uttar Pradesh mainly work on to not to depend on natural due to large amount of use petrol diesel kerosene they giving solar pump subsidy in Uttar Pradesh in a reasonable price home deliver free installation for more details upneda solar pump you can visit official website agriculture.up.nic.in which have some news regarding Uttar Pradesh solar policy 2019. We all know that Energy is a key resource for the overall development of countries economy.

Solar Pump Sinchai Yojana: Pehley Draft Lao, Pehley Solar Pao Yojana application are invited from Kisan in up to take solar pump on subsidy basis. Latest News 19 November is 4 days time completed and 10th Decmber is called Solar Pump Registration last date.

Scheme Name: Solar Sinchai Pump.

Total Number of Pumps: 10,000.

Important Dates
Online Form Opening Date: 15 November 2018
Last date of registration: 10 December 2018.

UP Solar Pump Yojana Online Registration is published at agriculture.up.nic.in. UP Solar Pump Scheme Subsidy started by Akhilesh Yadav yojana and Nabard bank will give Water pumps to 10000 farmers with all producst Pumps Panels Model System. Uttar Pradesh Solar Pump yojana Subsidy agriculture.up.nic.in policy buy price installation of upneda

Nabard solar pump subsidy scheme is started under central government of BJP led shri narendra modi in various districts. Now kerosene subsidy in Haryana started from Monday under DBT scheme direct benefit transfer yojana. To stop corruption and to increase GDP and to loyal in World Organization not as china. Indian government is providing subsidy for solar panels by the some popular company i.e. sukam Japan, luminous and mikrotek for agricultural water pumps

Solar energy (solar water pumps inverter) can be utilized in two ways:
Solar Thermal (ST) technology where the heat produced is used to operate devices for heating, cooling, drying, water purification and power generation. The devices suitable for use by village communities include solar hot water heaters, solar cookers and solar driers.

Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) systems which convert sunlight into electricity for use applications such as lighting, pumping, communication and refrigeration.

Solar Energy Based Water Lifting and Pumping Systems for Small Irrigation Projects
UP Solar Pump Uttar Pradesh government subsidy to villages under non-conventional energy source, power generation can be made through Bio-mass, windmill, small Hydro Electric, Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems. Among solar technologies useful in irrigation sector are pumping and water lifting. Water pumping by solar power is a concept which has won widespread interest since the early seventies. Solar energy can be utilized to operate pumps, utilizing either the thermal or light part of solar radiation. With a solar pump, energy is not available on demand. The daily variation in solar power generation necessitates the surplus of water pumped on sunny days and shortage on cloudy days. In view of the fluctuating water demand of any irrigation scheme, solar energy needs to be reserved in the form of either electricity in batteries or lifted water in a storage tank. The suitability of solar power for lifting water to irrigate plants is undeniable because of the complementarities between solar irradiance and water requirements of crops. The more intensively the sun is shining the higher is the power to supply irrigation water while on the other hand on rainy days irrigation is neither possible nor needed.

Benefits to UP Solar Pump Scheme to farmers

No fuel costs & minimal maintenance costs.
More economical than diesel pump sets in the long run.
Enables cultivation of an extra crop,
Helps in providing the critical protective irrigation in water scarce areas,
Saves time and labor,
Improves agriculture productivity,
Improves general quality of life with higher levels of income,
Incremental income enables easy repayment loan taken for installing system

Cost and price nabard subsidy for solar home lighting

Model – I (1800 WP – 1.5 HP) watt solar pump farmer Cost (net of subsidy) (Rs.) Rs. 23,050 except Rs. 60,275
Model – III (3000 Wp – 3 HP) solar pump farmer  Cost (net of subsidy)  is DC solar pump Rs. 60,070 or AC solar pump Rs 73575 instead of Rs 1,17,200
Model – IV (5000 WP – 4 HP) solar pump farmer Cost (net of subsidy) is Rs. 198940 instead of Rs. 2, 65,600

The component and corresponding cost details are indicated
The plant after installation is inspected by an officer from RREC after its satisfactory commissioning. It may be ensured that the SPV pump shall be supplied strictly as per technical specifications approved by MNRE/IREDA.

b) Margin
Bank may provide finance taking a margin of 10% on the cost to be paid by beneficiary.

c) Quantum of Refinance from NABARD
NABARD shall provide refinance upto 100 % on the bank loan

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy under JNNSM programme provides subsidy for off grid solar applications (solar water pumping) @ 30% of capital cost. Additional could be provided by State Govt.

Cost effective: The life cycle and the cost to ultimate beneficiary make the SPV systems cost effective as compared to conventional systems. In addition, the farmer is saved from the capital investment for drawing lines from the grid to his field/farms. The government may save huge resources which otherwise may be uneconomical to network every agriculture field under the state electricity grid.
Reliable: The SPV is more reliable, consistent and predictable power option as compared to conventional power system in rural areas.
Free fuel: Sunlight, the fuel source of SPV system is a widely available, inexhaustible, reliable and free energy source. Hence the SPV system has no monthly fuel bills.
Low maintenance: The system operates on little servicing and no refueling, making them popular for remote rural areas, hence the operation and maintenance is very low. The suppliers provide maintenance at a very low annual maintenance contract rates.

Selection and Installation of Pump sets subsidy on solar panels in uttar pradesh
(a) The bank shall ensure that the SPV financed under the scheme are supplied by the reputed dealers.
(b) In case of second hand pump sets financed under the scheme, if any, the bank shall obtain a certificate from its technical officer that the useful balance serviceable life of the second hand pump set is adequate to cover the repayment period of the loan for pump set.
(c) Wherever loan is advanced for replacement of existing pump set by new pump set, the bank shall ensure that there is no change in the HP of the pump set.
Funding details of the UP Solar Pump Yojana

Registered farmers nabard solar dealers will be the part of this yojana only.


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