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UP Maternity Leave Child Care 2019 for government employee female male abortion paternity benefit rules in Uttar Pradesh teacher basic Shiksha parishad UP Maternity Leave 2019 in 6th pay commission has provisions for both paid and unpaid UP Maternity leaves for all its employees, including teachers.

UP Maternity Leave for government employee or teacher Child Care casual Maternity Leave 2016 also academic we pot all rules and regulation latest news when to go on maternity leave teacher There are several types of paid leaves under basic Shiksha parishad Uttar Pradesh leave rules specially for women mahila they get special benefits maternity leave for teachers in Uttar Pradesh.

Child Care Leave Application Form 2018-19: Latest news article 25 october you have to fill application form of child leave application from central government to state level. to download Child-Care-Leave_1.pdf

UP Government Employee Unpaid Maternity Leave Teachers can apply for unpaid leave if they are under permissible limits up maternity benefit rules under 1983

UP Government Employee Casual Leave (CL): All teachers casual leave rules for central government employees (Maternity Leave) are entitled for 14 days of CLs in a year. Medical Leave (ML): These leave can be sanctioned on the basis of doctor “certificate only. A regular teacher can avail medical leave upto a maximum of 365 days during whole service paternity leave in Uttar Pradesh

UP Government Employee Maternity Leave: A female teacher can take 180 days of paid leave, for maximum 2 children under Maternity Leave. There is also a provision of leave for female teachers in case of miscarriage. She has to submit a certificate signed by an authorized registered medical practitioner and get leave up to 6 weeks. The Government has also sanctioned Child Adoption Leave of 180 days for teachers. Such leave only be sanctioned to female teachers on condition that she has less than 2 living children and the child who is being adopted is below one year of age.

UP Government Employee Child Care Leave: Female teachers can apply for Child Care Leave for a maximum of 2 years. This leave may be taken for care of children below 18 years of age and for a maximum 2 children. There is no clear-cut practice for Child Care Leave holiday for government employee at the district level. Teachers are often not granted leave for CCL as large numbers of teachers apply for this leave. District officials find it difficult to sanction this leave as they fear that large number of schools may shut down due to non-availability of teachers. This fear is quite real as there is teacher shortage in the state.

how do childcare vouchers work when on maternity leave
UP Government Employee Academic leave: Teachers can also get academic leave to participate in the meetings of Board of Secondary Education, practical exams, state and national seminars, teachers union convocations, etc. These are not counted against any other leave. However, there is no provision for study leave for either elementary or secondary teachers, which is a major constraint.


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