South China Sea News 2016 India Philippines wins

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South China Sea News 2016 today latest from India is Philippines will wins the water conflict race South China Sea breaking news comes from Hague Tribunal court which Rejects China capital city Beijing's Claims in South China Sea zone. It’s very good news for all those who are from Vietnam, Indonesia Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan

South China Sea major news today conflict between china vs. Philippines the rise behind is china claims this south china sea zone is from historical land from popular dynasty. the major artificial island is build up by china with in short time interval like for example those who illegally occupy other house by the super power basis giving money to those country who are not part of this like china claims 60 country have in favor and other thing by using defense material

South China Sea UNCLOS according to  permanent court of arbitration called Hague Tribunal court by naming UNCLOS rules and regulation is only 200 km will be country water and after 200 km it will International trade transfer zone but China did not accept it and its policy called conquer and rule by any means it fails in south china sea

China claiming it as 9 dash line from historical events. The major supporter of Philippines is US, UK, France, and Japan. But Beijing does not now that this 21st century not 19th century every body has right, freedom.

Scarborough Shoal: Claimed by China, Taiwan and Philippines

Spratly Islands: Claimed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Brunei

Paracel Islands Claimed by Vietnam, China and Taiwan

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