UP B.ed Semester Annual Syllabus 2019 Practical Exam Date

UP B.ed Semester Annual Syllabus 2019 Previous Year UP B.ED Admit Card 2019 Practical 1st 2nd Semester & Annual Exam Date of UP B.ed Semester Annual Exam Syllabus 2019.

UP B.ed Semester Annual Syllabus 2018 It shall be a full time course including Theory, Practice in teaching, internship, field work, professional development and other prescribed activities. The UP B.ed syllabus will be revised from time to time as per NCTE/ UGC guidelines. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course shall be a two year full time professional preserves. Teacher education programme with each year divided in two semesters. UP B.ed Entrance Exam Syllabus before First semester shall be from 16th July to 30th November and the stretch of the second semester shall be from 5th December to 20th April. At the end of each semester the candidates shall be required to present themselves for examination. For More details on 1st 2nd 3rd 4th UP B.ed Practical Exam Date scheme Compulsory question Paper any type of back paper re appear fails check below.

up b.ed admit card link: on 8th april 2019 up b.ed joint entrance exam exam held on 15 april 2019 is officially announced. you may check your exam center & area of school according to mirning & evening shift.

  1. siddhartha university
  2. sampoorna university
  3. mahatma gandhi kashi vidya peeth 
  4. CSJMU Kanpur University 
  5. Rohilkhand University 
  6. Veer bahadur singh poorvanchal university 
  7. bundelkhand university, DBRAU Bhim rao ambedkar university
  8. agra university
  9. Lucknow University
  10. RMLAU University ram manohar lohia University
  11. khwaja mihidin chisti arbi farsi University

Number of Seats:
Total intake of B.Ed. course in the Department of Education, University of Lucknow shall be 80 or as decided by NCTE from time to time, while for the associated colleges of University of Lucknow, the seats will be determined by NCTE and approved by State Government enforced from time to time.

Eligibility criteria:
The eligibility requirement for the admission of the candidates to B.Ed. course shall be in accordance with the eligibility criteria determine by NCTE/ U.P. Govt. Order issued from time to time.

Procedure of Admission:
(1) Admission to B.Ed. course shall be made in accordance with State Govt. Order and notifications issued from time to time.
(2) Reservation of seats shall be as per State Government notifications.

The Four Semesters:
1. First and third Semester of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme shall be four and half month long (16th July to 30th November) excluding semester-end
Examination and five days semester break.
2. Second and fourth Semester of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme shall be four and half month long (5th December to 20th April).

Allocation of Marks/Grades:
(I). each theory paper shall carry 100 marks which are allocated in the proportion of 70: 30 for semester-end theory examination and C.C.E. (Amendable as per Examination Policy of the University).

(II). the division of marks in four semesters of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme shall be as follows

Semesters Marks Grades A to E
First Semester 500 Professional development Activities
Second Semester 650 (450+200)* Professional development Activities
Third Semester 500 (300+200) ** Professional development Activities
Fourth Semester 500 Professional development Activities
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) 2150
*Theory Papers 400 marks + Educational Psychology Practical’s 50 marks =450;
Theory Papers 300 marks+ Internship200 marks= 500

Standard of Passing:
I. The candidate must obtain at least 40% marks in each theory paper separately with aggregate marks of 50% in total.
II. Minimum passing marks in Educational Psychology Practical, Practice in Teaching and Internship shall be 50%.
III. Successful candidates shall be placed in two divisions both in theory and Practice in teaching examinations separately as under:
A First division: candidates obtaining 60% or more aggregate marks.
B second division: candidates obtaining not less than 50% and below 60% of aggregate marks.

UP B.ed 1st year Syllabus 2016 exam pattern question paper

Semester I
A-Compulsory Paper Marks a-Compulsory Papers Marks
PAPER I: Philosophical and Sociological Perspective of Education 70+30

PAPER II: Psychological Perspective of Education 70+30

PAPER III: Understanding of Discipline 70+30

B-OPTIONAL PAPER (Student has to choose one paper): PAPER IV
1- Value and Peace Education.
2- Inclusive Education. 70+30

C-Field Work
1. One week Observation of teaching of regular teachers and report writing.
2. Community Work. 50
D-Professional Development Classes on Personality Development. Grade A to E


Semester II

PAPER me: Technological Perspectives of Education. 70+30

PAPER II: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy of various School Subjects. 70+30

PAPER III: Child and Adolescent Development. 70+30

B-OPTIONAL PAPERS (Student has to choose one paper) PAPER IV
1. Environmental Education.
2. Computer Education. 70+30

C. Field Work
1. Four weeks practice – in – teaching 200
2. Educational Psychology Practical 50

D-Professional Development Classes on life skills -Grade A to E


B.Ed. II Year (Enforce from session 2015-16)
Semester III

A-Compulsory Papers Mark s
PAPER I: School Management and Hygiene 70+30
PAPER II: Measurement and Evaluation 70+30

B-Internship – 16 weeks
1. Morning Assembly
2. Attendance Register
3. Teachers Diary
4. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
5. School infrastructure
6. Any other duty assigned by the Principal 200

C-Field work.
1-Action Research during Internship and its Report Writing. 50
2-Reflections and consolidation of internship and its Report Writing. 50

D-Professional Development
Educational Tour outside the State / in exceptional cases any project assigned by the panel of experts constituted and headed by the Dean, Faculty of Education, L.U. Grade A to E

Total 500

Semester 4
PAPER I: Contemporary India and Education 70+30
PAPER II-Gender issues and Human Rights Education 70+30
PAPER III- Guidance and Counselling 70+30

B-Optional Papers (Student has to choose one paper) PAPER IV
1-Theoretical Foundations of Curriculum.
2-Innovations in Education 70+30

C- Field Work
1- Content Analysis of Text book
2-Library Visit of School and Report Writing.

D-Professional Development
Classes in Music / Drama / Craft / Physical Education/ Disaster Management. Grade A to E


Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E)*
(a) In each paper the continuous internal assessment system would have a weight age of 30% marks, while the semester end examination shall have a weight age of 70% marks.
(b) The weight age of components in continuous internal assessment system will be as under:

- Practicum/ field work 15 marks
- Assignment and/ presentation 10 marks
- Attendance and class participation 05 marks

(c) It shall be the duty of the teacher/teachers to conduct Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation. In case more than one teacher is sharing the teaching work in a paper, each teacher shall evaluate independently but total weight age should be 15 marks.

UP B.ed Form 2018