Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Syllabus 2018 Exam Pattern, Statewise

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus 2018 for MPPSC UPPSC APPSC TNPSC PPSC Exam Pattern previous year Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Question papers There shall be one composite paper in the recruitment containing following sub sections MPPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Syllabus 2018 same as Multiple Choice questions General Knowledge, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning & Mental Ability On topics of Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and basic discipline 100 marks both MP Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus.

UPPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus Uttar Pradesh

1. Basics in Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology: Major bones & Joints of Animals, Important organs & functions of Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Urinary, Genital, Nervous and endocrine System.

APPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus Karnataka

2. Infectious Diseases of Livestock & Poultry: Characteristics of different infectious agents; Bacteria, virus, parasite, (external & internal). Transmission of diseases of livestock & poultry.

TNPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus Tanilnadu Andhra Pradesh

Bacterial diseases: Anthrax, HS, BQ, Mastitis, TB, JD, Brucellosis.
Pullorum disease, fowl cholera.
Viral: PPR, FMD, POX, Rabies, RD, IB, ILT, Gambaro.
Parasitic: Ascariasis, stronryiosis, amphistomosis, mange, ticks, lice, Fungal: Ring worm. Vaccines for infectious diseases. General hygiene prevention & control measures of infectious diseases of livestock & poultry.

PPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus Punjab

3. Veterinary Pharmacy:
Drugs, forms. Weighing, measuring (Units) routes of administration of drugs, oral parenteral (SC, IM, and IV). Forms of drugs - Powders, mixtures, lotion, ointment, paste, tablet, electuary, enema, tinctures, bolus, emulsion. Standards of drug manufacturing: I.P., B.P., B.Vet.C.

HPPSC Veterinary Assistant Surgeon syllabus Himachal Pradesh

4. Fundamentals of Animal Reproduction and Gynecology: Genital organs of different livestock species, Sexual maturity, estrus cycle, gestation, pregTrancy diagnosis, parturition, infertility and sterility and their treatment, common reproductive disorders.- Dystopia & Retention of placenta.


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