DDA Junior Engineer Previous Year, DDA Trade Wise Question Syllabus

DDA Junior Engineer Mechanical Previous year je electrical mechanical question paper DDA Junior Engineer Mechanical syllabus 2018 exam Pattern for je call letter soon publishing on official website.

DDA JE Recruitment 2018:- so if you want some knowledge on DDA Junior Engineer Mechanical recruitment 2016 so below are some important points which taken Delhi development authority domain that helps also interview question and answer for dda junior engineer mechanical electrical civil

DDA Junior Engineer recruitment 2018 is now open for plus various posts to apply in which more than posts is for DDA JE Mech recruitment 2018 as online application in which exam syllabus for pre mains or stage 1 (written exam )and sage 2(descriptive, trade test) and selection declared by result and dda merit list

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical exam pattern 2018

To measure candidate’s reasoning ability, current affairs, quantitative aptitude, news and proficiency in English read and write with good academic records and General Awareness
a) Test of Reasoning
b) Test of Quantitative Aptitude
c) Test of General Awareness and
d) Test of English Language

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical Flow of Fluids: Laminar & turbulent flow, equation of continuity, Bernoulli’s theorem, measurement of discharge, flow through pipes, friction losses, Forces of jet impinging on vanes, blades, work done and efficiency, classification of turbines & pumps. 

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical Thermal Engineering
Laws of thermodynamics, change in entropy in various processes; uses of steam, Properties of steam table & charts; Construction & Working of Cochran, Lancashire locomotive & Babcock & Wilcox boilers, working of steam turbine, Otto & Diesel Cycles, working of IC engines, Carburetion, Solex Carburetor. Diesel fuel, pump & injector: Cooling & lubrication. 

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical Production Engineering: Foundry- Different casting processes, concept of Patterns; types of mould making, purring defect in castings, causes & remedies, Welding-classification and types of welding, Testing and defects in welds. Lathes- working of lathe, various tools, operation on lathes, types of lathes. Drilling operations performed on drilling machines. Description, principles of working and various operations on machine tools, milling machine, shaper, grinder, boring and slotting machines. 

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical Strength of Materials: Stresses in composite bars, relation between elastic constants, Resilience under different types of loads, SF and BM diagrams; stresses in beams-combined direct and bending stresses, Struts and columns – Euler’s and Rankin’s theories, Torsion of circular shafts. 

DDA Junior Engineer mechanical Theory of Machines: Simple Machines – Four bar chain, Slider crank chain, double slider crank chain, Flywheel – Turning moment diagrams. Fluctuation of energy, Friction-in collar and pivots, plate clutch, conical clutch, journal bearing. Transmission of power through flat and V-belts, Gears, profile of gears, Governors- Watt and Hartwell governors

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