DOEACC CCC Question Paper 2019 Answer Key in Hindi Pdf NIELIT

DOEACC CCC Question Paper 2019 with Answer Key in Hindi Objective type Pdf NIELIT All Month Practice Sets DOEACC CCC Question Paper With answer 2018 Download

DOEACC CCC Question Paper 2019 & answer key 2016 of NIELIT Gorakhpur, Lucknow Allahabad centres. Doeacc CCC sample Question paper of July August September October visit at Office which published Exa. Some NIELIT Course compulsory that is DOEACC A level B level C for gram vikas Adhikari, Lekhpal and Junior Assistant cum computer cum question operator. OTET, MPPSC, MPSI, RRB Exam paper set wise Solution Free website download Sheet this is the main website which in all Uttar Pradesh district which conduct ccc exam paper date with demo form.

CCC Answer Key 2019 if you want to download then visit previous site because DOECC every month January February, July August November conducts CCC exam because UPSSSC, UKSSSC and MPPSC conducting these days group c post code paper such as upsssc review officer cum rajaswa lekhpal computer question as well sugarcane supervisor ganna paryavekshak and mp jet lekhpal recruitment 2016 ,is going on  to improve basic question level computer Literacy programme for class 6th 7TH 8TH 9TH to 12th and graduates BA BSC B.COM commerce in some posts samiksha adhikari also.

NIELIT CCC Answer sheet 2018 for October Exam as example it published on first Saturday of the October Month when the CCC Solution key for solved paper. CCC full form Course on Computer Concept, if you have this ccc exam then you get many central government job plus state government State Forest Service Examination - 2014 Provisional Model Answer Key Computer Science.

Paper 1) Updated on 12 February 2019 Answer below question from A,B C,D

1) The C language consist of ____ number of keywords.  A] 32 B] 40 C] 24 D] 56

2) Which of the following is a keyword used for a storage class? A] Printf B] external C] auto D] scanf

3) The prototype of the function in the header file is- A]Stdio.h B] stdlib.h C] conio.h D] io.h

4) Preprocessor Directives are used for -A] Macro Expansion B] File Inclusion C] Conditional Compilation D] All of these.

5) Which operator has the lowest priority ? A] ++ B] % C] + D] || .

6) The type cast operator is A] (type) B] cast() C] // D] “ “

7) File manipulation functions in C are available in which header file ? A] streams.h B] stdio.h C] stdlib.h D] files.h.

8) Which pair of functions below are used for single xharacter I/O ? A] getchar() and putchar() B] scanf() and printf()
C] input() and output() D] Non of these

9) Qhich function is used to read character as you type ? A] getchar() B] getch() C] getche() D] Both (B) and (C).

10) What is the output of this program ?

void main() {
int a=b=c=10;
printf(“\n %d %d %d”,a,b,c); }

A] 50 50 50 B] Compile Time Error C] 10 10 10 D] Three Gaebage Value

11) Which format specifier is used to print the values of double type variable A]%If B]%Id C]%Iu D] %f

12) What will be the output of the following program?

Void main ( ) {
 Double x=28;
 Int r;
 R= x%5;
 Printf (“\n r=%d”, r); }

A] r= 3 B] Run time Error C]Compile time Erroe D]None of the Above

15) Which of the following is not s keyword of ‘C’ ?
 A]auto B]register C]int D]function


In DBMS, data about data is stored in
A Hard Disk
B Data Dictionary
D None of these
Answer Key: B

Q2: Brain of the computer is
B Input Device
D Output Units
Answer Key: C

Q3: Frame buffer is termed as
A Virtual Memory
C I/O Buffer
D Video Memory
Answer Key: D

Q4: Data converted into meaningful form is termed as
A File
B Directory
C Information
D None of these

Answer Key: C

Q5: PARAM is an example of ______ Computer
A Mainframe
B Mini
C Super
D Personal
Answer Key: C

Q6: SQL is a ______ Query language
A Procedural
B Non procedural
C Intermediate
D None of these
Answer Key: B

Q7: _________system software that coverts assembly language program to machine language
A Compiler
B Interpreter
C Assembler
D Loader
Answer Key: C

Q8: Which of the following device is used to get hardcopy graphics?
A Light Pen
B Plotter
C Monitor
D Joystick
Answer Key: B

Q9: Information stored in computer is in
A Hexadecimal form
B Integer form
C Binary form
D Character form
Answer Key: C

Q10: Convert (0.4375)10 = (?)2
A 0.010
B 0.1010
C 0.0111
D 0.1110
Answer Key: C

Q11: Subschema can be created using following SQL statement
A Create Index
B Create Table
C Create View
D None of these
Answer Key: C

Binary addition of 10100 and 1111 is
A 100111
B 100011
C 101110
D 100010
Answer Key: B

Q13: In ‘C’ Programming language, dynamic memory is allocated using
B Arrays
C Pointers
D Queues
Answer Key: C

Q14: Which of the following memory is refreshed a number of times per second?
A Hard disk
D Dynamic RAM
Answer Key: D

Q15: Time taken to position the Read/Write head at the desired track of disk is known as
An Access time
B Seek time
C Latency time
D Data transfer time
Answer Key: B


  1. 2017 of ccc question pepar and solved pepar

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  2. these are not ccc questions as c are not in sylabus

  3. How many questions are comes in this paper
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  4. How many questions are comes in this paper
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