RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Syllabus 2018 ALP Papers

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Syllabus 2018 Previous Year ALP Model Papers with pdf RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Exam Syllabus.

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Syllabus 2018 for preparation purpose below includes after written exam Practice test material for all the subjects which is compulsory, covering entire. Railway which can be downloaded from Railway Service Commission’s website.

RRB Loco Pilot Syllabus RRB Technician listed below

How can tests help you?

They will help you to show where your strengths lie.
• They have been chosen because the skills they involve are used in the job.
• The tests are carefully designed so that they are fair to all applicants.
• Taking tests will help you in adjusting on the job.

How can tests help us?
• We get the right sort of people to do the job.
• Tests give us unbiased assessment of your strengths and limitations.
• People who do well on the test usually do well in the job itself.

How to record your answers
 Most paper-pencil tests require you to record your answers on a separate answer sheet so that they can be scored quickly.
A sample of the answer sheet used by Indian Railways may be seen here. The answers are marked on the answer sheet by fully
darkening the circles which go with your answers. Use a blue ball point pen. Remember you are not permitted to change your
answer. For each answer, if more than one circle is shaded, it will not be evaluated. Do not make any stray mark on the sheet.

Assistant Loco Pilot’s Test सहायक लोको पायलट
1. Memory Test

Test for measuring Memory:

In this test you will be given a map to study and memorize buildings and other structures on it for some time, and then asked to indicate the location of these buildings on a test page. Study the following example for some time Look at the numbered houses below and find out the letter that corresponds with where each house was located on the study map.

Test for measuring Memory:

In this test you will be asked to memorize Picture-Number combinations. After some time you will be asked to go to
the test page, which shows the pictures in a different order. You will be asked to indicate the numbers that go with them. You
may pick your answers out of the four options given for each picture.

2. Following Directions Test

Test for measuring Ability to Follow Directions
In this test you will be given a pattern of letters to look at and will be asked questions about how certain directions will
change that pattern. The answer to each question will be one of the letters in the pattern. You are to decide which letter shows the
correct answer.

3. Depth Perception Test

Test for measuring Depth Perception

In this test you will see a pile of bricks with some bricks labeled A, B, C, etc. Your task is to count the number of bricks
that is touching bricks of the pile that has a letter on it. All bricks are of same size and shape.

4. Concentration Test

Test for measuring Concentration

This is a test to find out how quickly you can compare two numbers and decide whether or not they are the same. If the
numbers are the same; darken the circle ‘Y’ otherwise darken ‘N’ on your answer sheet. Do not make any marks on the booklet.
Try to solve following practice problems.

Test for measuring Concentration

In this test you will find four groups (A, B, C & D) of digits. Your task is to find out the group of digits which contains a
‘6’. In case digit ‘6’ appears more than once, your answer will be ‘E’.

5. Perceptual Speed Test 

Test for measuring Perceptual Speed

This is a test of how rapidly and accurately you can see objects in order to match them. Look at the first radio at the left.
Which one of the five at the right is most nearly like it? Radio ‘B’ is the one. Look at the second radio at the left. Which radio at?
the right is most nearly like it? Radio ‘C’ is the correct answer.

Before the Session
• Don’t stay up all night. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
• Give yourself plenty of time to reach the examination centre so that you don’t have to rush.