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SSC English Passage 2017 SSC UPSC Descriptive Question Paper asked in CGL CHSL UPSSSC 10+2 SSC English Syllabus 2017 Read the following passage Ssc english question paper Passage 2016 pattern carefully solve the ssc english passage question paper and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions on General SSC English Exam Syllabus of passage
ssc syllabus cum question paper for english language and comprehension 2016
Rajendra was a landlord. He had made a lot of money by cheating and ill-treating his labourers who worked in the fields. One day, a young man named Mani came to Rajendra, asking for work. Rajendra was pleasantly surprised.

No one had ever wanted to work for him because of his reputation, and here was someone walking right into his house! Mani's next few words surprised him even more. Mani said, “I will work for you for free. Only give me a place to sleep, two sets of clothes and two square meals a day.” Rajendra was beside himself with joy when he heard this and was about to agree, when Mani added, “I have only one condition: I will tell you the truth always, but one day in the year, I will lie.”

ssc chsl english passage syllabus 2016
Rajendra, who lied happily every day of the year, agreed to this odd condition. So Mani began working for him. He was a wonderful worker - hardworking and trustworthy. He was very honest and soon became Rajendra's right-hand man. Because of Mani's hard work, Rajendra had an excellent harvest. He and his wife, Manda, decided to have a big feast to celebrate. They invited all their relatives and friends, from the village and outside as well. Everyone was looking forward to the delicious feast being planned. On the morning of the feast, Rajendra decided that he would also give away some gifts to his relatives, just to show off. So he set off for the market in his cart.

As soon as he was out of sight, Mani went running to Manda. He wept loudly and beat his chest. Then he fell on the floor, sobbing and announced, “The master is dead! The cart overturned on the road. Our master has been flattened like a chapatti!”

As soon as Rajendra's wife and relatives heard this, they started wailing. Mani rushed out, saying he would bring back the body, while everyone started preparing for the last rites. Mani now went running to his master and said. “Master! Your wife is dead. A cobra bit her and she fell to the ground, as blue as the spring sky.” Rajendra was stunned. What! His beloved Manda, his partner in all his schemes, was dead! He hurried home shouting her name. Manda too was weeping loudly, sitting in the courtyard.

When she saw her husband run in, she stopped mid-wail, and Rajendra too stood open mouthed. Then they fell into each other's arms' unable to believe their eyes.

As one, they turned to Mani. “What is the meaning of this, Mani?” his master angrily demanded. Mani smiled. “Remember my condition, that I would lie once in the year? Well, I chose today. You see what lies can do? Now think what happens to the people whom you lie to every day of the year!” Saying this, he walked out, leaving behind a stunned and ashamed landlord.

Q 1.Why did Mani want to work for Rajendra?
Q 3.What was Rajendra's immediate reaction on hearing the news of his wife's ‘death'?
Which of the following can be said about Manda?
(A) She trusted Mani more than Rajendra.
(B) She had a good relationship with her husband's relatives.
(C) She was dishonest.

Q 5.Why did Rajendra go out on the day of the feast?
Q 2.Which of the following is TRUE in the context of the passage?
1.Rajendra was ashamed only because Mani had managed to trick him.
2)Mani had many friends who were cheated by Rajendra.
3)Rajendra was a miser because despite being wealthy he travelled by cart.
4)Mani was clever and a good actor.
5)Manda was an excellent cook and had prepared a delicious feast