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List of Bank for Child Saving Account 2018 with Free Education, FD, ATM

Bank for Child Saving Account 2018 we have a list of that bank Name who provides service to open children bank account. Children are main refer to Gods Child who don’t know about what is right and what is wrong in future but their parent are here to give all type of joy that children’s want in youth age.

Health and Wellness Center Jobs 2018 2000 Staff Nurse Rs 20,000 PM

Health And Wellness Center Jobs 2018:- In Ayushman Bharat Project in Uttar Pradesh, Government will change into and select 2,000 Health And Wellness Center from 7,000 Swasthya Kendra. In this Health and wellness center you can get treatment of Diabetes, blood pressure related problem which will help to get better treatment in your home.

Jan Aushadhi Generic Medicine Price List 2018 in Centers

Jan Aushadhi Generic Medicine Price List we have a List of Generic Medicine with Price that is available in Government Hospital New Drug called Jan Aushadhi Kendra. After Opening scheme of Prime Minister's Jan Aushadhi Yojna to sell 700 Medicine at cheaper rate day by crowd visiting in State Hospital to buy generic medicine. Talking about generic medicine work we define generic medicine are basically the generic drug contains the same amount of active ingredient and work like brand name product before it can be used as a company. Generic medicine is one time pill to cure all your needs term referring to pure drugs.

Ayurvedic Medicine License to Sell, Herbal, Ayush Drugs

Ayurvedic Medicine License There is no clinical Trial Required to Sell Ayurvedic Medicine which belongs to Jan Aushadhi Kendra who is proprietor of giving license to Pharmacists, Whole Sale Shop owner interested for opening of Ayurvedic store, Jan Aushadhi medical shops. In medical store when i visited to know about some Ayurvedic products who is my friends i asked him whether he sell Jan Aushadhi Product or not then he said we don’t know this time how to sell or where to get it Ayurvedic Dava, Unani, Herbal products approved license so that they can freely sold it.

UP Govt Employee HRA CCA News 2018 Makan Kiraya Bhatta

UP Govt Employee HRA News 2018 Bhartiya Janata Party Led Government has increased Makan Kiraya Bhatta (HRA), and CCA of State Government employee. We are posting this good news on 18th July Morning period and this decision was approved in cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Aditya Nath Yogi Ji (CM OF UTTAR PRADESH). It will give some relaxation to 15 Lakh Government employee of UP whose association welcomes this goodwill.

Backlog Vacancies 2018 in Central Government, Meaning in Hindi

Backlog Vacancies 2018 Today we are giving some backlog vacancies meaning in English Indian language. Backlog posts are called Transfer Fresh posts from one year to next time vacancies.