Benefits of Buying Electric Cars on Road, Top 10 Features

Benefits of Buying Electric Cars on Road, Top 10 Features One person has shared his views on electric car. He mentions various benefits of using and buying electric car. Let's talk about some benefits and you can also mention your views on the comment below The main problems of car totally depended on natural fuel are And the important thing that still electric car want from the company and the government is installing superchargers more and more so that people don't need to worry about where they will be charging there electric car after long road trip. Changing your Motor Oil & Filter  • Changing your Transmission Fluid • Changing your Transfer Case Fluid • Changing your Spark Plugs • Front/Rear Differential  • Topping off Engine Coolant  • Engine Overheating  • Annoying Unknown Engine Noises  • Leaky Engine & Transmission • Waiting for Engine To Be Up To Temp  • Risky To Drive in Deep Waters  • The Dreaded Check Engine Light • Finding The Nearest Gas Station  • Low T

Tesla FSD Beta 5 Times Autopilot Strikeouts, Improper Usage

Telemetry from your vehicle indicates improper use of FSD Beta. Keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times. FSD Beta will no longer operate if Autopilot disables 2 additional times.

Tesla Field Service Technician Salary Per Hour, Job Profile

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Here are some Tesla stickers and their prices

Here are some Tesla stickers and their prices. I have no clue what this is or what it would be used for. Please help me understand.  Answers- when you will install these sticker then it will look very cool Tesla China has launched the Tesla Official Bean Styling Creative Sticker. It costs about $14 for three configurations. - Cybertruck OMFG Decal: $55 (includes decal and squeegee, compatible with Cybertruck rear driver's side window). This limited edition window decal celebrate the moment that made us go on FG Dashboard Vinyl Wrap Overlay Sticker for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y by SYJIIP: $13.99 (gloss black carbon fiber, fits 2017-2021 models, made of PVC with UV protective coating) Here is how to use your Tesla model y vehicle. On a road trip one person has installed starlink internet modem with disc but not mini version and those who have seen the installation want s to use starlink mini version. This news was first shared on social media platform reddit with image and customer or

Elon Musk 1000 Neuralink Implant 2026 Upcoming Project

Elon Musk 1000 Neuralink Implant 2026 Upcoming Project: Here is future update on Elon Musk neura link according to Elon musk latest comment on his company x. He say we will going to implant neuro link in more than 1000 patient which will be completed in 2026 and he also says whenever we will update our neuro link chip it will give normal man brain into super power.

Model Y Car in Greenfield CA Police Department

The Greenfield, CA Police Department has announced that several Tesla Model Ys will soon join their fleet. Tesla 2024.20.9 software update is rolling out to the 2nd batch of users (~5-6% of the fleet)! FSD 12.4.2 anticipates pedestrian crossing the street Tesla is now allowing FSD transfers 30 September 2024 in Europe. Available for vehicles that have taken delivery before September 30th (same as North America). Confirmed in the following countries: UK, Denmark, Netherlands and France. Tesla has dropped the price of the White interior option in the Model 3 RWD and LR AWD from $2,000 to $1,000 in the US. Tesla has confirmed that Quicksilver paint for the Model 3 will soon be available in more markets. Here is the full list of countries where it is available. Citi has increased their $TSLA price target by 50% to $274 (from $182), while keeping a Neutral rating. Tesla is rumored to delay the Robotaxi/CyberCab event, initially planned for August 8th, to October. Famous American rapper Meek

Tesla FSD Wide Release v12.4.3, Elon Musk's xAI and Oracle

Tesla FSD (Supervised) wide release in Canada, US v12.4.3 is now being rolled out to the first customers (2024.26.6 software update). Tesla confirmed that the new Autopark feature is not available in the UK. The feature is available in Europe with the 2024.20.6 update. The Paris Olympics are being used by Toyota to promote hydrogen cars Elon Musk's xAI and Oracle ( stocks down) on 10 July have ended talks on expanding their server rental agreement. xAI is building the 100k H100 system itself for fastest time to completion.  Elon Musk clarified why Tesla FSD (Supervised) v12.4.3 rollout was late. He says In an effort to improve, Tesla focused too much on training for interventions and not enough on normal driving, which made the driving less smooth than expected. Tesla has secured a new $163 million Megapack contract for a new battery in New Zealand.  Tesla has dropped Megapack pricing by -45%, a record low. Pricing for its 2hr Megapack commercial energy storage product was $1,879,8