Allahabad University Election 2017 Latest News, Chunav Result

Allahabad University Election 2017 Released Dated ECC, CMP Degree College & Allahabad Degree College Check Allahabad University Election Latest News.

Allahabad University Election 2017 is Organized From 4 -5 October by procedure of Filling Nomination Paper. Many Candidates have given their name to become leader on their election manifesto. By talking to one of Student Leader Male and Female we found Male said,'' if we wins this Allahabad University Students Election we will brings new changes in Central University, Nothing Ragging, No Racial Speech will be allowed in you campus. And Women Leader Said to Us,'' We will allow security of Girls in 24 Hours and those people who did harassment will go to jail with in 24 Hours.

AU Election Result 2017: Latest News for applicant who are waiting to check AU Chunav Result that various number of Samjwadi Party candidates wins in Allahabad University and its Affiliated College (CMP Degree College, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad Degree College)

Allahabad University Election Result 2017: After 14 October AU Election Winning Candidates will be announced. And this time political parties such as Congress, BSP, SP said to give tough competition to current government. In Allahabad University classes are not fully done by students due to Strike, Students Union Fights and other incidents take place. If we check this year the number of students graph decreases in Allahabad University Admission. So winners should focus on improving quality education, Fight Free Environment.

Allahabad University Chunav Date 2017: From 4 to 5 the October Nomination of Paper filled, Nominated candidates will go to Chunav Prachar up to 10 to 12 October, From 13 October All Study work will be suspended and people will start preparing the election preparation.

Allahabad University Election Candidates List 2017: From 14 October Voting Started and after that Calculating voting numbers.

AU Students Union Election Result will be announced before Diwali. So We advise you to give vote to those candidates or political party which you like on their work.