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ntpc diploma trainee recruitment for mechanical previous papers syllabus 2016 pdf download so if you are waiting for ntpc diploma trainee appointment letter 2016 or anything else like Electrical, Civil and Mechanical ntpc interview date 2016 for selected candidates RRB NTPC Joining letter 2016 we will surely publishing as soon as possible after declaring Non-Technical Result 2016

NTPC Diploma Trainee  mechanical Syllabus Previous Year 2010 2011 Model Papers in Hindi or English and test will be conducted in 2 parts. phase-1 will be Knowledge Test in the respective discipline which consists of 70 MCQ’s.phase 2 will be Aptitude Test with 50 MCQ’s on English, Quantitative aptitude & Reasoning. 1/4th mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

taken from Discipline: B.TECH-Mechanical Engineering syllabus.pdf

NTPC syllabus for mechanical engineering 2016 pdf lesson taken from Engineering Mechanics: Free body diagrams, equilibrium; trusses and frames; virtual work; kinematics, dynamics of particles, rigid bodies in plane motion, including impulse, momentum and energy formulations; impact for polytechnic  1st year

UPPCL syllabus for mechanical engineering 2016 lesson taken from technician grade 2 Engineering Materials: Structure, properties in engineering materials, applications, heat, stress-strain diagrams for engineering VTU.

SAIL syllabus for mechanical engineering 2016 taken from Strength of Materials: Stress and strain, relationship, elastic constants, Mohr’s circle for plane stress and strain, cylinders, thick-walled vessels; shear force, diagrams; bending, shear stresses; deflection of beams; torsion, circular member, columns and struts; thermal stresses; Rotating Rims and Discs; Bending of Curved Bars.

bhel syllabus for mechanical 2016 Theory of Machines: Displacement, velocity, acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms, kinematic synthesis; dynamic analysis of slider-crank mechanism; gear trains; flywheels; static, dynamic force, balancing of rotating, Thermodynamics: Thermodynamic system, Zeroth,

RRB syllabus for mechanical 2016 First and Second laws of thermodynamics;; Carnot cycle. irreversibility, availability; pure substances, ideal, real gases; calculation of work and heat, real processes; Rankin, Braxton cycles with modifications, thermodynamic cycles related to energy, vapor refrigeration cycle, heat pumps, gas refrigeration, reverse Braxton, moist air, chart, basic psychometric.

rrb ntpc syllabus 2016 Energy Conversion: Fuels and combustion; high pressure steam boilers; flow, nozzles; Gas turbines, intercooling, reheat, regenerators, Steam turbines, diagram, power output, efficiency, blade efficiency of single stage, impulse turbine, friction, compounding, turbine; reaction, power output, efficiency; losses in steam turbines, stage efficiency, overall efficiency and reheat factor; governing of steam turbines; steam, condensers, vacuum, sources of air leakage & its disadvantages.

NTPC Diploma Trainee Exam Pattern Heat-Transfer: Modes of heat transfer; dimensional, heat conduction, resistance, electrical analogy, heat conduction, fins; dimensionless parameters, convective heat transfer, heat transfer in flow over, flat plates, through pipes; thermal boundary layer, effect of turbulence; radioactive, black and grey surfaces, shape factors, network analysis; heat exchanger, LMTD, NTU methods iit mechanical engineering syllabus.

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