Indian Intelligence Test 2016 Syllabus Sample Paper

Indian intelligence test 2016 syllabus sample paper

Indian intelligence test syllabus 2016 for class 5 6 7 8 and sample paper is available to download for students 9 10 11 12th class The Indian intelligence test Question Paper 2016 comprises of 100 questions to Class 5th to 10th and 11 & 12 Science class students. You will be awarded +3 marks for correct answers and -1 mark for incorrect answers. To mark your choice of answers by darkening the circles in the OMR Answer Sheet, use an HB Pencil only. Now download pdf Indian Intelligence Test Admit Card 2016

Indian intelligence test sample papers 2016 Note that in Indian Intelligence Test Syllabus Questions of Math and Science, physics subjects will be from current and or previous year class syllabus final exam RESULT 2016, another section called Multiple Intelligence Test, comprising of 40 questions, shall also be present. Participants will be given additional 30 minutes for the same. No preparation is required for Multiple Intelligence Test

Indian Intelligence test latest news of May 2016 2 crore scholarship
Indian Intelligence Test 2016, Syllabus Sample Paper

Intelligence test sample questions with answers the modal paper will be the same for all CBSE, ICSE and UP education boards. Indian intelligence Mental Ability OR Reasoning test 2016 requires logical approach to solve problems and doesn’t have a LIKE ssc Bank specific syllabus. Indian intelligence test General Knowledge shall cover questions ranging from a variety of fields like politics, sports, current affairs, books, Novels, authors, famous places and people, Indian history, geography, sciences of stupid channel types etc.
Indian intelligence test sample paper for class 7 Class 5 to 10
Logical Reasoning/ Mental Ability
General Knowledge

Indian intelligence test 2014 2015 sample papers Class 11 & 12 Science
General Knowledge
Math and Biology
Logical Reasonin

Indian Intelligence Exam Date: 27 April, 2016
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