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UP Shiksha Mitra Latest News 2016 today Shiksha Mitra Vacancies In Hindi Vacancies Application Form 2015, Shiksha Mitra Training date Shiksha Mitra Training List, 5500 BTC trainee, will also be posted very soon .Apart from this, this time, government is going to recruit ‘ Urdu’ teachers on a large scale .

UP Shiksha Mitra Latest ‘One village, one siksha mitra’ policy will be executed very soon .

 If one siksha mitra is already there then you will be posted somewhere else .

Only graduate ( or upper ) candidates will be allowed to apply for these vacancies
Government has passed a rule for 1.24 lakh Graduate Shikhsha Mitra to become teacher.

Government announced that after completion of two years of training they can be appointed as Teacher. UP Government would give this training. Shiksha Mitra training will go simultaneously with their current job. On the basis of seniority, Shiksha Mitra would be called for training.

As per the proposal, across the state at 821 Blocks, after each six month these Shiksha Mitra will have to undergo 40 days of contract course. NCTE, National Council of Teacher Education, would approve Training Syllabus.

UP Shiksha Mitra Latest Latest news--
Uttar Pradesh government launched Samajwadi pension scheme .
The scheme will benefit over 40 lakh families. Under the scheme pension from 500 rupees to 700 rupees will be given to beneficiaries.
UP government also decided to make 1.70 Shiksha Mitra as teachers.
The Shiksha mitras are teaching in primary schools for a long time and demanding their regularization as teachers.
Modernize police stations and control rooms in Gautam Budha Nagar and the project will be funded by Nodia authority.

अब इनकी नियुक्ति सहायक पद पर हो सकती है।

शिक्षामित्रों की माने तो करीब एक सप्ताह पहले राज्य सरकार द्वारा निर्गत आदेश के अन्तर्गत उ-प्र- के प्राथमिक विद्यालयों के स्नातक शिक्षा मित्रों को विशेष छह माह का प्रशिक्षण देकर सहायक अध्यापक के पद पर नियुक्त किया जाएगा।

वैसे तो प्रदेश में शिक्षा मित्रों की काफी संख्या है। करीब एक लाख 78 हजार में सिर्फ स्नातक उपाधि वाले शिक्षा मित्रों को यह लाभ दिया जा रहा  है।