how to score good marks in SSC CGL 2016 2017 Tier Exams

how to score good marks in SSC

SSC Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam 2016 how to Score good marks in SSC 12th Exam of Stenographer and Clerk While preparing for SSC papers 2017 , students should maintain a regular study routine with full concentration. They should be mentally sound, focused and alert during study hour to avoid wastage of time and energy.

how to score good marks in SSC

Due to increased competition levels among the students and high expectations from school, parents and teachers, the Rapid pulse, perspiring palms, trembling legs, loss of appetite and sometimes a near nervous breakdown are a few of the symptoms of exam fever.

Students are suggested to sit straight on their chair or sofa when they study. This would help the students grasping concepts faster and more effectively. This habit would also enhance the memory as the Spinal Cord has a direct link with the brain nerves. So, when the Spinal Cord is straight, brain grasps things sooner and helps to memorize things for a longer duration.

During the filling of the application form, the notifications usually carry the date on which the result is to be declared. Although, these dates are already informed to the applicants, they still are tentative in nature. Due to the arrangements required for the results to be out, there might be some delay. SSC result is depended upon by a number of people and it has a special importance for them.

Employment news is another good medium for the publication of the results of various exams because it has been an age old publication with various jobs and employment offers. Sometimes, the results are also sent by post to the candidates personally, which is a delayed and cumbersome method.