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Computer General Knowledge 2016 Multiple Choice Objective IBPS Clerk,SBI POs,Bank PO UPSSSC computer general knowledge mcqs with answers free pdf download knowledge of computer 2016 previous year Computer GK Objective Questions 2015 Knowledge Basics Computer Skills

computer general knowledge questions and answers pdf 1 To move to the beginning of a line of text, 2 press the ______ key Home, 3 smallest unit of storage Bits, Modem speeds are measured in BPS, The retrieval of information from the computer is defined as Output, Work group means Computers in network

Computer gk objective questions in hindi for CCC

For creating a document, you use _______ command at File Menu.: New, "C" is a computer language MIPS stands for Million Instructions Per Second A real-time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following tasks? Controlling the fuel injection system of an automobile engine LAN speeds are measured in MBPS

What is objective of UPS? Provides backup power
Numbers are stored and transmitted inside a computer in ASCII code form