Arihant Book Samsamayiki Mahasagar GK Varshiki 2016 2017

Arihant Book Samsamayiki Mahasagar

IBPS PO-IV Morning shift Question Arihant Book Samsamayiki Mahasagar GK Varshiki 2016 samsamayiki mahasagar gs 2015 hindi type questions Arihant Book Samsamayiki Mahasagar Question and answer

Who has been appointed as the Solicitor General of India after Rohinton Nariman?
Mohan Parasaran

Which among the following countries has test fired  Ghader(a surface-to-surface missile) recently?

Which State Government has exempted VAT from wheat that is distributed under the PDS to the beneficiaries of Antyodaya Anna Yojna?

Who has been appointed as the new president of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)?
Subodh Kumar Agrawal

Which among the following companies has become the first Indian FMCG brand that crossed 5000 crore Rupees mark in terms of retail sales in one year?

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley was on an official visit to India recently. He is the Prime Minister of:

MCX-SX is:
the third national stock exchange of India.

Who won mens singles VTR open tennis tournament 2013 in Vina del Mar, Chile?
Horacio Zeballos

Which country has successfully fired the NASR, short-range surface-to-surface multi-tube ballistic missile?

Who has been honored with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy award 2013?
Pandit Ravi Shankar

Name the former Indian hockey team captain and Olympian who has been conferred an honorary D.Litt. degree by Aligarh Muslim University for his contributions in the field of sports?
Zafar Iqbal

The Sindh Assembly has approved a bill to rename the southern Pakistani province as:

(1) Music director of mile sur mera tumhara Ashok Patki
(2) ADR - American Depositary Receipt
(3) BKS Iyenger got which award - Padham Bhushan
(4) Unclaimed PPF cmtee- HR Khan
(5) currency of spain - Euro
(6) pahla kadam pahli udan-sbi minor account
(7) capital of arunachal- Etanagar
(8) who is donald dusk
(9) father of atomic Bomb- j.Robert Oppenheimer
(10) Pm want to build which city like Kyoto
(11) Vijaya mallya defaulter for which firm of his
(12) David tusk pm of
(13) Curtain raisers written by
(14) Serena Williams associated with
(15) Rupay card launched by
(16) NPA time limit?
(17) Swach bharat yojna
(18) LAF FULL Form.
(19) What is s stand for in RTGS.
(20) Japapn koyoto and varanasi related.
(21) International bank of india?
(22) KYC?
(23) NPCHE full form.
(24) How many languages are written in a note,
(25) Atm card and memory card difference.
(26) E commerce?
(27) saving bank intrst decided by
(28) in rtgs wat s means
(29) bob tagline
(30) smart city going to devopld by japan
(31) jandhan schme releated to
(32) Which freedom fighter was killed during protest of Simon Commission?
(33) monetory policy includes?