Germany Oktoberfest Ticket Booking Price 2022 Beer Seat, Munich

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Every year more than 6 million people enjoys one of the popular Festival in Germany known as German Beer Festival 2022-23. Mostly people love this Fest on the basis of various quality of beer you can find. Correct date and time to go for Oktoberfest is September to October month.

Popular places where people go for Germany Oktoberfest: Munich. In opening day of Oktoberfest beer fest, people run onto the festival ground.

Important Date 
German Oktoberfest starting from 17 September and this festival will be closed on 3rd October 2022.

Citizen of German celebrate Oktoberfest festival for Unity of their Country and it was started in year 1810. Foreign tourist also take part in this Fest. It celebrated in open and big area.

Beer is the main and popular drink of German Oktoberfest and without drinking beer on big jug. You can’t say that I have celebrated 187th Germany Beer Festival.

Many vendors sells various types of goodies for local citizens as well as international tourist. You can watch movies, various types of music bands gives their best performance. 

1.Before coming to Oktoberfest, you must book your hotels in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin. 

 2.To secure your beer table reservation, you must book online or telephone or by central reservation office.

 3. For very reservations you will get your food vouchers, beverages. 

 4. Gentleman clothing, traditional shorts and dresses.


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