US Mega Million Lottery Results Illinois $1.28 Billion, Single Tickets

US Mega Million Lottery Results 2022 Illinois $1.28 Billion, Megaplier 810 Million Cash, Illinois Single Tickets Number Mega Million Jackpot Result 2023, Raising Cane 50000 Lottery Ticket Result.

Finally US Mega Million Lottery Last Number 2022 announced and it this time winner will become billionaire. He/She has the option to cash or get NewYork Jackpot Lottery money in their bank account.

This is 2 Dollar Mega Million Lottery tickets. Mega Million Jackpot lottery played in 45 different states of US and this game is managed by state level authorities.

Good The Jackpot for Mega Millions Draw Result will make history as it raised $810 Million. Now it ranked 3rd highest mega million jackpot and 4th highest lottery jackpot price in US history. Mega Million Illinois would have a choice to take home $830 million as an annuity or $486 million dollar in cash.

Mega Million Jackpot Winning Number List 30 July 2022: Sources says 5 winning number is 67, 45, 57, 36, 13 and 14. Person name of $1.28 Billion will never be known to all. Illinois state allows big winners to keep their name, address confidential in most cases.

1. 20 tickets lottery of second tier is $1 Million

2. 6 more were won $2 million by paying option megaplier number.

According to, there was one winning ticket in the draw of Friday night, and it was bought in Illinois. Winner will be paid annually for 29 years. Here are the winning numbers.

The other 20 tier 2 prizes are $1 million each won in 15 states: two person in Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas; and one each in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.